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Taking Spots Lyrics

Taking Spots Lyrics

Yea yall know what the f#ck goin’ on whistle
The biggest sh#t talker back again man
Huh, huh
Where was all y’all then when I was fallen on my face
She know a n#gg#s up stay fresh as f#ck she all up in my whistle face

I ain’t gotta step a foot out the door at all they come and jump that gate
Can’t bring my n#gg#s round certain n#gg#s cuz all they do is take
Brodie say he from the streets we caught him on the sidewalk bow
Yes you know he had to get it just for mall that side talk (what the f#ck)

Got sum big sh#t on my waist walking with a side whistle walk
Over floading taking space making n#gg#s sign off (hey)
Yea I’m taking spots I hеard your favorite rapper falling off
Put him in that hole in thе field like we was playing golf (on rico)
Lost 50 on some janky sh#t I’ll make it back tomorrow
Try to play me on some janky sh#t be gone by tomorrow
Baby get yo face up first and then you get yo waist snatched
I don’t give my time to everybody so don’t waste it

Lately I’ve been sippin on dis lean feeling wasted (sip)
Just because a n#gg# pop out clean she wanna taste it
I could really f#ck yo b#tch right now, I’m being patient (forreal)
Got the lo right now, could go and sco’ im being patient

Foreign cars, foreign hoes keep ’em in rotation
She just lost her f#ckin mind we ain’t sharing locations (f#ck)
I know this a marathon so I keep on pacin’ whistle whistle
Mix match designer on, no I don’t do basic (nope)

Dish it out and get it gone then collect that payment (come here)
Hell yea I got my pole n#gg#s out here hatin (hatin)
Step out wit my setters (setters)
We can go wherever (forreal)

VVS’s everywhere we walked in changed the weather
Took like three-four b#tches right back to the loft we f#ck together
Don’t need a stylist, really pop out know how to put that sh#t together (hey)
No b#llsh#t bank, the biggest sh#t talker, i’ll f#ck any n#gg#s b#tch, y’all know how the f#ck we comin’ TST sh#t man

Song Info:
Song: Taking Spots Lyrics
Singer(s): BigBankBandz
Produced by: 9inewaves
Written by: BigBankBandz

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