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J. Cole

"The Elderly"

Yo I don't even know man
Maybe I'm the only one who sees how wack this nigga is
Like the rest of these niggas like this nigga or something you know
Fucking 33 years old trying to get respect nigga
Get a life, feed your family man god damn

Why the fuck would you jump to step to
A motherfucker such as myself nigga i deck you
Lay you out beat the shit out you until you confess to
Being the weakest nigga out homosexual, shit
You jock me and talk shit cause you not me
I'm cocky this faggots riding my dick, a jockey
Try me, nigga your shit's jokes you Cosby
I'm Ali, bitch I'm the king you Rodney (Get it)
How dare you try compare yourself to me
Coming at mines you embarrass yourself
So please ease off my dick, worry bout your own shit
I got the skills to pay the bills bitch you homeless
On this microphone it's no joke I'm focused
So, you provoke get throat choked and toasted
You shit is not hot man, god damn yo
You tied for the wackest nigga alive besides Van Gogh
And you hate, how i get props and u can't
Trying to rap at age 48 it's too late
You think you can fuck around but you wait
You great, son you must but slow as a Screw tape
Whats wrong with you, you all bent of shape
Sobbing like your moms whipped you cause i wouldn't do a song with you
Poor slut, washed up, still rapping
How can I call you a has been, you never have been
The most wanted, most boasts but don't want it
The flows rugged, please know I'm cold blooded
This ho done it about to get his dome crushed in
With these words I'm sick, you ain't even got a nose running
Pussy ass artificial [?]
Trying to brag you some kind of fucking central [?]
But, you don't really think that I'm impressed with that do you
I win your wack ass title and give it back to you
Cause it's nothing you still hitting me given me praise
You face me wait, nigga is your weed laced
You too old for this dawg you's a freed slave
You album and Shyne Po got the same release date
You loosing it, I'm bruising lips with this music shit
You gotta get used to it
And now I'm abusing this fucking stupid trick from Houston
Excuse my french but you's a bitch
You's predictable, you joke that I'm half white (Yeah, yeah)
That's nice still don't change the fact that you rap like
You back on the crack pipe, faggots a sad sight
Fag type, sticking flashlights up your ass pipe
You wanted beef so I'm dishing it out son
Before the bout's beginning I'm predicting the outcome
Step in the ring nigga with or without gloves
You be throwing the towel the beginning of round one
And I ain't got no sympathy for you neither
This battles a time out, I'm getting a breather
You easier than 1, 2, 3 your fucking weak raps
Just like my girlfriend, i know i can beat that

What Nigga?
Your whole sets blown
I fuck around and put you in a rest home
I'm professional, this shit is boot camp
I'm a 100 dollar bill you's a food stamp
Ravenous the faggot, the senior citizen with a bad back
A massive limp from his plastic hip
You never could be as nice
This nigga used to have a rap group with Jesus Christ

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