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J. Cole


[Produced by Levi Hinson & KALEB MITCHELL]

[Verse 1: Levi Hinson]
Lately life has been crazy, everything has been changing
And I've been trying to keep track, yet life still fazes me
I've still been Roaming, rolling in the backseat dozing
Seems I've been chosen, one day I'ma be a rap mogul
Move over, make room for me, Adrian doesn't even produce for me
I've been doing this on my own and ever since Home, everybody wanna root for me
I don't need attention, but everybody will indeed respect me
I work so hard I don't need a mention, and Young Minds up on the ascension
I promise, I'm honest, I don't even need them dollars
In my pocket, cause I'm awesome, money only gonna bring more problems
I don't need profits, I need professional help, I can't do this by myself
I'ma need God for the times that I'm honestly lost and could probably land up in a coffin
Feeling so lawless, and the problem is that I'm barely ever an optimist
And when life is giving me obstacles I start giving up and demolishing my self-confidence
Getting lost in my thoughts in the process, yeah

[Verse 2: Kaleb Mitchell]
I'm honestly scared for my generation
We know how to slide in them DM's but in real life can't hold conversations
And television isn't helping, it's just slanted views of him and her
In a world that's filled with death, to that life I'm giving birth
Cause Lord knows we need it, we need it
Especially times like these
Were you get gunned down in the middle of the street
Even when you innocent, that ain't stopping them police
But y'all scared to talk about it, so we let the conversation die
Like we just better off without it
Until another body drop, but let me get off of that
I remember days when I had time just to daydream
Now life gets so real, year and a half I'll be eighteen
I been working, I been worried, I been stressed and I been tired
But I stay persistent cause I know He put me here to inspire
But it gets hard sometimes, feels like I'm losing my mind
But this is what I put on myself, it's all gon' happen in Due Time
No pun intended, you can keep the gold you can keep the fame
I'm here to make a difference, you can keep the change
Pedal to metal I'm finna hit the road
And if you down to ride, then come on let's go
This is Soliloquy

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