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"Burn Georgia Burn"

[Verse 1]
Atlanta was on fire and so was she the night he left her
Left her there to bear her pain alone
Hoping soon to return, burn, Georgia, burn
The roaring of the guns filled the emptiness inside her
Where once she felt the pounding of her heart
When he held her in his arms, tenderness they learned
Burn, Georgia, burn

He was the body, she was the soul
Of a love affair they couldn't control
While the world was falling down around them
They were not concerned, burn, Georgia, burn

[Verse 2]
Winter brought the snow and a rider down from Franklin
With news of how the war had taken toll
And he would not return, burn, Georgia, burn


[Verse 3]
While strolling through her mind
She stumbled on an old, familiar feeling
Of how he touched her many years ago
And how he made her yearn, burn, Georgia, burn


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