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Nas Lyrics

American Epic: The Sessions (2017)

Paranoia: A True Story (2017)

Silicon Valley (Music from the HBO Original Series) (2017)

The Mountain Has Fallen (2017)

Memoirs of a Cincinnati Maniac (2015)

Cold Summer: The EP (2012)

DJ Rude Presents: Nas - The Found Tapes (2011)

Legendary (The Lost Album Vol. 4) (2011)

Songs in A Minor: 10th Anniversary Edition (2011)

Soul Ultimate Experience Vol 1 (2011)

Soundtrack to the Streets: The Lost Album Vol. 3 (2011)

Tales From The Hood: The Lost Album Vol. 5 (2011)

Invasion Radio 2k10 (2010)

Overtime: My Soul To Keep (2010)

Anthology: B-Sides & Unreleased (2008)

The Nigger Tape (2008)

Street Triumph Mixtape (2006)

Lyfe 268-192 (Special Edition) (2005)

One Million Strong, Vol. 2: Love Peace & War (2005)

Swizz Beatz Presentz: Abandoned Tracks Vol. 1 (2005)

Street's Disciple (UK Release) (2004)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes (2002)

Verschil Moet Er Zijn (2002)

Fubu - The Good Life Compilation (2001)

K.O.B.E. (2000)

Hot Boyz (Single) (1999)

Belly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1998)

Ride (Music From the Dimension Motion Picture) (1998)

Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 2 (1996)

The World Is Yours [single] (1994)

Return of the Product (1992)

A Threat and a Promise

Ain't Nothin' Like Me

Be a Nigger Too (Promo Single)


Ben Horowitz's Blog

Boricua Guerrero "First Combat"

Car Show Tour

DJ Clue Presents - The Great Ones Pt. 2

E Money Bags

Evolution of the Groove [EP]

god is good; a soundtrack to life.

In Stereo Vol.2 - Turn The Volume UP

J. Period Presents...Best of Nas

Laughing, For The Wrong Reasons

Life Is Good

Life of a Damned Soul

Mike D (The Jungle Brothers), EST (Three Times Dope), Positive K

Nas Presents Nashawn - Mass Destruction

Og # 2


Secret Agent Man Movie Promo

Shame on a Nigga

Something From Nothing - Art of Rap OST

Stay Chisel (Promo CDS)

The Good Life

the lyrcis lab mixtape pt. iv

The Smirnoff Signature Mix Series

The Testament

The World Is Ours

Thunder and Lightning, Where Ever and More

Tower Heist Original Soundtrack

Walking On The Stars

Where Are They Now? (Remix CD)

Other Songs

'91 Freestyle
(Unreleased) Flavor Town, No Niggas
1 Shot
15 - Imagine This
1996 Freestyle
2nd Childhood
4, 5, 6
90 Bars of Truth*
92Y Interview
96 Clue Freestyle
96 Freestyle
A Few Good Niggas
A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People
A Queens Story
A River That Flows Forever
A Woman's Worth (Remix)
Accident Murderers
Accident Murderers (Remix)
Accident Murderers Single Art
Across the Track
Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action (Remix Edited Version)
Affirmative Action (Saint-Denis-Style Remix)
Affirmative Action II
Afraid 2 Fly
Africa Must Wake Up
Aiiight Chill...
Album Intro
American Gangster [Tracklist + Album Art]
American Way
Amongst Kings
Analyze This
Ancient People
Ancient People
Angels with Dirty Faces
Another Black Girl Lost
Another One (Dead Presidents)
As We Enter
As We Enter Single Art
Back in Black
Back to the Grill
Back To The Grill
Back When
Be A Nigger Too
Be Right
Be Safe, Be Notorious
Be Your Girl
Beginning and End
Belly [Script]
Big Girl
Big Things
Biography (Page 24)
Black Bond (Remix)
Black Folks
Black Girl Lost
Black Man In A White World (Ghetto Gettysburg Address)
Black President
Black Republican
Black Stacey (Remix)
Black Zombie
Blaze a 50
Blindfold Me
Blood diamonds are forever
Blood, New Version
Bloody Money Pt. 2
Blunt Ashes
Body In A Box
Body in the Trunk
Book of Rhymes
Bossed Up
Braveheart Party
Bridging the Gap
Bright Lights (Remix)
Brother's Keeper
Bye Baby
Calm Down (Street Version)
Can Everyone See This Trippy Stuff
Can't Believe
Can't Believe
Can't Fade Me
Can't Forget About You
Carry on Tradition
Chacun Sa Mafia
Chain Glow
Chasing Forever
Cherry Wine
Cherry Wine Single Art
Choir Song
Classic (Nike Air Force Remix)
Come Get Me
Come Take a Ride (Two Seater)
Coon Picnic (These are our Heroes)
Count Your Blessings
D.J. Higgins, Nas, Odesza, Louis C.K.
Da Bridge 2001
Daughters Single Art
Day Dreamin (Stay Scheamin)
Dead Presidents
Dead Presidents II
Dead Presidents IV
Deadly Rungz
Death Anniversary
Deja Vu
Desert Storm
Desperados 2
Destroy and Rebuild
Did You Ever Think (Remix)
Die Young (RIP Chinx)
Distant Relatives [Tracklist + Album Art]
Do What I Do
Dog Shit
Don't Body Ya Self (MC Burial)
Don't Body Ya Self (Remix)
Don't C Me Comin
Don't Get Carried Away
Don't hate me now
Don't Touch Me (Remix)
Doo Rags
Dr. Knockboot
Drunk by Myself
Dy-Na-Mi-Tee (Remix)
East Coast/West Coast Killas
East Coast/West Coast Killas (Remix)
Eat These Bullets (Bonus Track)
Elevate (Interlude)
Elloski gold haters
Escobar '97
Ether (9th Wonder Remix)
Eu só o novo livro do hip hop
Every Ghetto
Everybody's Crazy
Everyday Thing
Everything I Love
Everything is Everything (Remix)
Everything Is Real
Executive Decision
Eye 4 An Eye Freestyle
Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)
Eye For An Eye (1994 Session)
Fast Life
Fast Life (Norfside Remix)
Favor for a Favor
Fear Of The Black Man's Dick
Feel Inside
Fetus (Belly Button Window)
Figure It Out
Find Ya Wealth
Finer Things
Firm Biz
Firm Fiasco
First Chain
Forbes List
Foul Breeze
Free (Remix)
Freedom Jazz Dance (Evolution Of the Groove)
Freestyle #4
Freestyle Yo MTV Raps
Fried Chicken
From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes Album Art
Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Remix)
Gangsta Tears
Genocide Highway
Get Down
Get down (remix)
Get It Forever
Get to Know Me
Getting Married
Ghetto Dreams
Ghetto Dreams (Remix)
Ghetto Prisoners
Ghetto Rich
Ghetto Rich Remix
Gimme Your's
Give It Up Fast
God (Remix)
God It
God Love Us
God's Son Album Art
God's Son [Credits]
Good Life
Good Life
Good Morning
Got Ur Self a Gun
Gotta Luv It
Grand Finale
Grand Finale
Grand Finale
Grand Finale (Murda Mix)
Greatest Hits [Album Art + Tracklist]
Gun for Gun
H to the OMO (Freestyle Jay-Z Diss)
Halftime (Butcher Remix)
Halftime Single Art
Hard To Love Somebody
Hardest Thing Is to Stay Alive
Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay...
Hate Me Now
Hate Me Now Single Art
Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels (Trackmasters Mix)
Heart Beat
Heaven Only Knows
Hero (clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
Hero Freestyle
Hey Craziness
Hey Nas
Hip hop
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Is Dead
Hip Hop Is Dead Single Art
Hip Hop Is Dead [Album Art + Tracklist]
Hip-hop invented peer-to-peer music sharing, not Napster
Hit Me Slime
Hold Down the Block
Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)
Honors ELA Roster (Grade 10) 2013-2014
Hot Boyz (Remix)
How Ya Livin'
Hustle Is My Religion
I Already Know
I Am Somebody
I Am... (Intro)
I Am... Album Art
I Am... [Credits]
I Am... [Tracklist]
I Can
I Can (Remix)
I Do it for Hip Hop
I Gave You Power
I Got it (Remix)
I Need A Girl (Pt. 1)
I Really Want to Show You
I Shot My Way Out
I Still Got To Have It
I Wanna Live
I Want It
I Want to Talk to You
I Wonder (Terry Urban mix)
I'm a Villain
I'm a Villain (Instrumental)
I'm Gonna Be Alright (Remix)
I'm Gonna Be Alright (Trackmasters remix)
I'm On
I've Got to Have It
I've Got to Have It Single Art
Ice King (Remix)
If I Ruled the World
If I Ruled the World
If I Ruled The World '09
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) Single Art
If The HSG Ruled
Illmatic 10th Anniversary Platinum Edition Album Art
Illmatic XX [Album Art + Tracklist]
Illmatic [Credits]
Illmatic [Tracklist + Album Art]
In Between Us
In His Own Words
In Public
In The Blood Script
In Too Deep
In Too Deep / The Specialist Single Art
Interview With Adisa Banjoko (1994)
Intro - Turn it Out
Intro [Doe or Die]
It Ain't Hard to Tell
It Ain't Hard to Tell (10th Anniversary Remix)
It Ain't Hard to Tell (Illmatic XX Remix)
It Ain't Hard To Tell (remix)
It Ain't Hard to Tell (Stink Mix)
It Ain't Hard to Tell (The Laidback Remix)
It Was Written Tracklist
It Was Written [Credits]
It Was Written [Tracklist + Album Art]
It Wasn't You
It's a Tower Heist
It's Mine
It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)
It's Secured
IV- life’s a bitch.
John Blaze
Journey Through the Life
Jungle Jay
Just a Moment
Just a Moment (12" Mix)
Just a Moment Single Art
Just Another Day In The Projects
Just Cruisin'
Just in Case (Remix)
Keep Goin'
Keep It Raw (Intro)
Kick in the Door
Kids in Da P.J.'s
Kings and Queens
Krazy Drazy (Das EFX), Do It All (Lords Of The Underground)
Küçələr Bizimdir!
La Familia
Land of Promise
Last Real Nigga Alive
Last Words
Legendary (Mike Tyson)
Less Than an Hour
Let 'Em Hang
Let My Niggas Live
Let There Be Light
Letter to the King
Level 7
Life Is Good Cover
Life Is Good [Booklet]
Life Is good: Tracklist + Album Art
Life is Like a Dice Game
Life Is What You Make It
Life We Chose
Life Work (Double Album)
Life's a Bitch
Life's a Bitch (10th Anniversary Remix)
Life's a Bitch (Arsenal Mix)
Life's a Bitch (Remix)
Life's Like A Dice Game
Like Me
Like Smoke
Listen to Me
Live At The Barbecue
Live at the Barbeque
Live At The Barbeque
Live From the Bridge
Live Nigga Rap
Live Niguz
Live Now
Living In a Gangster World, Part One.
Living In Pain
Locked Up (Nas Remix)
Loose It Up
Love is All We Need
M.O.B. Freestyle
Made Nas Proud [Let Nas Down Remix]
Made You Look
Made You Look (J. Period Exclusive Remix)
Made You Look (Remix)
Magna Carta Holy Grail [Credits]
Major Key [Tracklist + Album Art]
Make the World Go Round
Man Up
March Madness (Remix)
Mask Off
Maybach Curtains
Me & Nas Bring it to Your Hardest
Me & You (Dedicated to Destiny)
Me & You (Dedicated To Destiny) - Explicit Album Version
Me & You (dedication to destiny
Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)
Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) - Explicit Album Version
Middle Finger
Millennium Thug
Misconceptions 3
Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide
MOD | #OpenMicSessions - Equalizer P2 [Freestyle]
Money Is My Bitch
Money Makes The World Go Round
Money Over Bullshit
More Than I Can Say
Music For Life
Must Be Nice
Must Be Nice (Remix)
My Aching Heart
My Book Of Rhymes
My Country
My Generation
My President
My President (instrumental)
My President is Black (Remix)
My State of Mind (Nas Remix)
My Way
My Will (Honeymoon is Over)
My Worst Enemy
N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)
N.Y. State of Mind
N.Y. State of Mind Pt. II
N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. III
Nah Mean
Nairobi State of Mind [Demo Version]
Nas & AZ - 1997 Sprite Commercial
Nas Album Done
Nas Freestyle
Nas Interlude
Nas interview
Nas Is Coming
Nas Is Like
Nas Outro
Nas Will Prevail
Nas' Angels... The Flyest
Nas' Tattoos
Nas: Wikipedia Article
Nastradamus Single Art
Nastradamus [Album Art + Tracklist]
Nastradamus [Credits]
Nasty - explicit version
Nature Shines
Nazareth Savage
Never Gonna Give it Up
New Podcast (67): Nas and Illmatic
New System
New World
Nikes On My Feet
Nikes On My Feet
No Idea's Original
No Introduction
No More (Remix)
No One Else in the Room
No Such Thing As White Jesus
Not Going Back
Nothing Lasts Forever
Nothing To Lose
NY State of Mind Q-Ball Mix
Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea
On the Real
On The Real (original)
On the real - explicit album version
One Dream
One Love
One Love (10th Anniversary Remix)
One Love (LG Main Mix)
One Love (One L Main Mix)
One Love (Remix)
One Love Single Art
One Mic
One Mic
One Mic
One Mic (DJ Rabz' Mix)
One Mic (Tha Otha Mixxx)
One Mic Remix
One Never Knows
One of Us
One on One
One Plus One
One Time 4 Your Mind
Oochie Wally
Oochie Wally (Remix)
Open Letter to Young Warriors in Chicago (Sep. 2009)
Outty 5000
Pasadena (Skit)
Patience (Sabali)
Peace God
Phone Tap
Phone Tap (Intro)
Piece of Mind
Piggy Bank
Play Me
Play on Playa
Play On Playa [Clean]
Popfy Skribbles - Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
Poppa Was a Playa
Poppa Was A Player
Popular Thug (Clones Version)
Power 105 Inteview June 2002 (Dissing Hot 97, Jay-Z, etc)
Power Paper Pussy
Powers That Be
Proclamation (Nigger Hatred)
Project Roach
Project Windows
Pussy Killz
Q.B. 2 Compton [Tracklist + Album Art]
Q.U Anthem
Queens Day
Queens Get the Money
Queens Shit
Quick To Back Down
Quiet Niggas
Rap Game/Crack Game
Rare/Unreleased Tracks & Freestyles From Pre-Illmatic To The Present
Raza Makes my Cipher Complete: Decolonizing the Academy through the “subtle” Transgressions our Bodies Always Represent
Re:Generation Remix
Reach Out
Reading Road
Ready or Not
Real Niggas
Record Report Albums: Nas - Illmatic
Regeneration (Remix)
Remember the Times
Remember the Times (Intro)
Remember the Times (Intro)
Remember The Times (Intro) - Explicit Album Version
Respiração do amor fértil
Rest of My Life
Resurrection (Cypher)
Revolutionary Warfare
Rich and Black
Right by My Side
Rise & Fall
Rise Up Shepherd and Follow
Road to zion
Road to Zion
Romeo must die
Rough Around The Edges
Rule The World (I Came From The City)
Rule(Featuring Amerie) - Explicit Album Version
Salute Me
Secret Agent Man
Sekou Story
SelaC Is Like
Self Conscience
Shakedown Remix
She Don't (Remix)
Shine on 'Em
Shoot 'Em Up
Should You Sell Your Company?
Show Discipline
Silent Murder
Sinful Living
Slow Down (Remix)
Sly Fox
Small World
Smith & Wesson references in Hip-Hop
Snitch Alibi
So Fresh
Some of 'Em
Some of Us Have Angels
Something from Nothing Art of Rap Freestyle
Something to Believe In
Sometimes I Wonder
Soundtrack to the Streets
Star Wars
Stay (Remix)
Stay Chisel
Stay Chisel (Solo Version)
Stay Schemin'
Stay Schemin' (Remix)
Still Dreaming
Stillmatic (Freestyle)
Stillmatic (The Intro)
Stillmatic Album Art
Stillmatic [Credits]
Story Board
Street Dreams
Street Dreams (Bonus Verse)
Street Dreams (Remix)
Street Dreams Single Art
Street Glory
Street Riders
Street's Disciple
Street's Disciple [Album Art + Tracklist]
Streets of New York
Streets of New York (City Life) (Unplugged)
Strong Will Continue
Studio (Remix)
Suicide Bounce
Summer On Smash
Sure Shot Singles: Nasty Nas – Half Time
Surviving The Times
Take It in Blood
Take It In Blood
Tales From the Hood
Talk Of New York
Teenage Thug
Teenage Thug
Tell Your Friends (MET Gala Remix)
Thank God I Found You (Make it Last Remix Edit)
Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)
The Album [Album Art + Tracklist]
The Big Six (Dead Presidents)
The Birth of a Nation: The Inspired By Album [Tracklist + Album Art]
The Black Bond
The Cross
The Don
The Don Single Art
The escobar
The Essence
The Essence (Grammy Remix)
The Flyest
The Foulness Part 4
The G.O.D.
The General
The General (Remix)
The General (Salute Me)
The Genesis
The genesis - explicit album version
The Get Down: Episode 1 - Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope For A Treasure
The Get Down: Episode 2 - Seek Those Who Fan Your Flame
The Get Down: Episode 3 - Darkness Is Your Candle
The Ghetto
The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Top 10 Jewels
The Hated
The Lost Tapes [Album Art + Tracklist]
The Makings of a Perfect Bitch
The Message
The N
The Other Side (The Duet)
The Outcome
The Pledge Remix
The Prediction
The Prophecy
The Saints
The Scientist
The Season
The Second Coming
The Set Up
The Sickness
The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show on WKCR October 28, 1993 (previously unreleased freestyle)
The Success
The Ultimate High
The Ultimate High
The Ultimate High (LP Version)
The Watcher
The World
The World Is Yours
The World Is Yours (10th Anniversary Remix)
The World is Yours (Q-Tip Remix)
The World Is Yours (Tip Mix)
Theifs Theme
These Are Our Heroes
Thief's Theme
Thief's Theme Remix
This Bitter Land
This Thing of Ours
Throw Up Ya Gunz
Thug Poet
Thugz Mansion
Thugz Mansion (Acoustic Version)
Thugz Mansion (N.Y.)
Thugz Mansion Remix
Thugz Mirror Freestyle
Tick Tock
Tick Tock
Time out Lay out
To My
Too Hot
Too Late
Too Many Rappers
Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version)
Too Much for Me
Too Much For Me
Top Down
Topless (Dr. Dre Verse)
Topless (Remix)
Tribes at War
Triple Beam Dreams
Triple Threat
True Dialect
Turn It Out
Turn Up the Mic
Turn Up The Mics (Remix)
U Gotta Love It
U Wanna Be Me
U wanna be me - soundtrack version
U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)
Undying Love
Untitled [Album Art + Tracklist]
Usual Suspects
Veni Vidi Vici
Verbal Intercourse
Virgo (alternate version)
Wake Up Show Anthem (1994)
Wanna Be Me
Wanna Play
Wanna Play (Rough?)
War (Birth Of A Nation)
War Is Necessary
War Remix
Warrior Song
Watch Dem Niggas
We Are
We Dem Boyz (Remix II)
We Dem Boyz (Remix)
We Got a Job to Do
We Live This
We Major
We March as Millions
We Will Survive
We're Not Alone
What About Us? (Remix)
What Goes Around
What If
What Type of Nigga
What You Gonna Do
What's the Word (Remix)
What's Up
When Thugs die
Where Am I Going
Where Are They Now
Where Are They Now (80's Remix)
Where Are They Now (90's Remix)
Where Are They Now? (West Coast Remix)
Where Do We Go From Here
Where Y'all At
Where's The Love
Who Are You
Who Are You (tryna tell me who i am)
Who Killed It?
Who Killed It? [Clean]
Who U Rep With
Why (Remix)
Why R U? (Remix)
Why You Hate the Game
Why You Hate The Game (Exclusive)
With Me
World's An Addiction
Wrong Girl to Play With
Wrote My Way Out
Y'all My Ni**as
Y'all My Niggas
Yacht Music
Yellow Bird
Yes Yes Y'all
You (Remix)
You Can't Kill Me
You Can't Stop Us Now
You Don't Know Me
You Gonna Luv Me (Remix)
You Gotta Love It
You Know My Style
You Made Me
You Owe Me
You Owe Me (feat Ginuwine)
You Won't See Me Tonight
You Wouldn't Understand
You're Da Man
Your Mouth Got You in It
Zone Out
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