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Loaded Lux


[Intro: Shaquille O'Neal]
Loaded Lux, Shaq Diesel, Superstar J. Kwik
3 Times [?], Harlem

I could remember Nana saying, "Everyone can be saved"
Some people just go through life playing
It hits 'em when it's too late
As time goes by, we're moving closer to the grave
The Gods don't lie
As the cops roll by, knowing that he need a change
Your heart won't lie

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Only Lord knows the crossroads
Until then let me walk this world in some soft soles
A boy's growing a mental stories before told
The poor souls in the ghetto that think them doors closed
We keep it knocking, out on the block where it's war mode
The lost code that the elders held up are long gone
I tell my girl, "You the first teacher for sure though"
And our babies be better
You studied them like them talk shows
It's a stronghold, how I see it ugly, the evil cruddy
Then I let this light of mine shine, people love me
The streets are bloody
A man shouldn't stand where his feet get muddy
Watch your step, lil nigga will kill you for sneaker money
He got a rep out here to protect with his lion heart
Just got it wrong, I remember a time when I was lost
But now it's on, how the young warrior story go
That's how he live, cause all the years is all he know
Just more to grow


[Verse 2: Loaded Lux]
A whole nother different arrangement
So much for people with hope for the system changing
Shorty's in the stories, a glory in living dangerous
Ain't nothing 'bout it, colorful flowers and pretty paintings
It's just straight gray
Weight from the chip that his shoulders holding
Ain't safe, feel the heavy stress in his face
Look for God and stranded by strangers, trying keep it in place
And moms out working just trying keep her a place
Say yo she straight by the day he grown
Slang them bones
Hearing voices from choices he made it wrong
All the paid phone, stable home, with the cable on
He said, "Feel me Lux cause the bill collector afraid he won't"
And if I miss a lap, just trying to get my decisions back
My condition wack, I can't eat if I don't flip this crack
I know it's wrong, but it's real as facts
And I ain't got a job for my nigga Black


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