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Loaded Lux

"OTL 63: Loaded Lux Excerpt #2 "Harlem Battles""

Loaded Lux: Oh man, we was just doing it for sport. I mean, it's still a sport for me but that was the thing to do to have your name in a conversation. This was happening after high school parties, rec center parties, you know, pool halls. A cypher was just always prevalent growing up in Harlem. Like 125th St, DMX and them, Drag-On, "You should come down to Harlem and battle, man, and get in the cyphers!" This was facts! You could always count on that to be in the vicinity to where you could hone your skills at. Coming from Brooklyn, I met Serius Jones in Harlem just coming through looking for battles and cyphers. There was really going down in Harlem. It was just a thing to do, for us to socialize

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