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Loaded Lux


[Intro: Grafh]

Big homie Bun B been a godfather
This trill shit
I don't know what you fuck niggas is talking 'bout

[Hook: Grafh]

Fake niggas they everywhere
Real niggas we outnumbered
Nigga we active (3x)
Representing that real
Nigga we active (3x)
Representing that real

[Verse 1: Grafh]

Get hip to this trill shit
The ice in my vein pump through my heart
My nigga, that's why I don't feel shit
I'm the nigga y'all niggas gotta deal with
Signed to real nigga records
That's who the fuck my niggas gotta deal with
I'd die for the niggas I kill with
That [?] (x2)
Trill-ass nigga that's word to Bun
On dirty Sprite
I'm in a dirty slum
On Real Nigga Ave
Where you heard I'm from?
Off G-Code​​, bullet bars
Bring ya gun cause they beefin'
You 'gon make [?] and they even
You bought a kid-bar
Nigga you still tweefin'
You some new-ass nigga
New-ass nigga
Fake-ass Louis Vuitton shoe-ass nigga
Little bitty gun two-two-ass nigga
You a nobody
Who are you-ass nigga?
I'm-ma wax-on, wax-off
Brick chopping, kung-fu-ass nigga
Fuck Crips, blue-ass nigga
Fuck the Bloods too, [?]-ass nigga
Fuck with GDs, DDPs
Body-slam niggas or DDT
This the school of hard knocks
Where niggas'll blow brain-cells
All over you GEDs
Them warriors dangerous
Who said glory is painless?
I's (was) raised by notorious gangstas
Every time you tell your story it changes


[Verse 2: Bun B]

Triple OG, Bun Beata my nigga
I been on my grizzly
(been on my grizzly)
You coming around on some fuck-nigga shit
Then homeboy you can miss me
(homeboy you can miss me)
You talk a good fight
And the people believe you
But you don't convince me
That's why I brought up the choppers
To chop all you punk motherfuckers to mince-meat
Don't make me do it for Pimp-C
Then it gets overdone
And you might get over on most folks
But you never fuck over Bun
I got my eyes on the prize
My ears to the streets
And my nose on the grind
(nose on the grind)
And I promise my nigga
I do wanna most out of you hoes over mine
(hoes over mine)
It's a G thang
How I killed every beat that I flowed up-on
(flowed up-on)
These fake niggas claiming they trill
Man, what an emoticon
Believing your own lies
You know what that do to your mind?
(do to your mind)
Give it a break
For real, it's a waste of studio time
(studio time)
Do us a favor, get out the way
Let a trill-nigga through
(trill nigga through)
And keep it a hundred
You already know what them trill-niggas do
(them trill-niggas do)
I'm rocking with Grafh
And we laughing all the way to the bank
(the way to the bank)
Doin' it just how we wanna
Cause we give fuck what you think
(for real)


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