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Loaded Lux

"Daylyt vs B Magic"

[Round 1: Daylyt]
See this the type of beef is rare, 40k for one steak?
High as it seems, I should’ve charged ‘em Morpheus
“I should’ve charged ‘em more” Is I Just Scream
I want out of this dream, I did this for a complete freeness
I can no longer work for this fuck money, fuck money
I’ll be damned if I salute the prostitute in this case
The court says run they course
So they prosecute those whose priors are cute
Think about it, think about the bars he soon behind
Imagine, having it on lock it’s true
But I might need mental freedom to beat him
So I’m asking every one of you, is it possible to do the impossible
If I should lose will I remain the man in demand
Elite, get a shot or two without the bottle of Absolut? Possible
They say the fame got to you, I reply: “lame, I’m god to you”
A lord in the ring, monster, hobbit who
Hop thru the obstacle just to get a shot to prove, I’m enlightened now
The last time they spotted Lyt in town
It wasn’t Vegas it was day just making violent sounds
So this time around I know they watching you
And the thought that I won't even get to finish my sentence
It’s a lifetime supply of bars
Every star in the card should fear the pen
They ask how can one man sell, well
The plan is just to listen to my fans I’m here to win
Tell these little bo peep look at all these lost sheep
Who fall sleep wondering am I’m dead still or I’m too ill
Where after all the bull that I’ve gave you
You still got options to see the real route
What’s it gonna be red pill or blue pill?
But wait…before you make a move I must advise you all
The “red pill” the fake world
The antics, the gimmicks, the shenanigans
Everything that every one of y’all hate me for
But yet still remain everything that has got me this big
And the blue pill? Well that’s quill
Lyt that nobody cared to share, Lyt before the mass
Lyt that couldn’t outrun the shadows
And now that you all have a visual description
Of what both pills capable
I’ll let y’all choose the outcome of this battle
What’s it gonna be the red pill or blue pill? This match fire
I just want that one final fan to see I am the link to this game
I get the biggest awards and that’s why I am the man to watch
Matrix this match is fire, I am the final fantasy
Share the ink of Lyt slicing this nigga
They like “how can dude top what I bring next?”
Quill cross my vocal box i plan to jot
For my stans who can’t stand me, give me my Grammy
Cause of my grandma notch, watch
Me go right in with writing, I'm a king author
No wonder why I be on my cam a lot
True? It’s true right? But it might seem false to kids go crazy
Baby you might wanna adopt this scheme, mean, what I mean is
Time after time I done showed y’all the flow clean
But y’all still wonderin’ where the mop is
I done worked thru the streets test the heart
Doubt everything I’ve accomplished
I’ve circle the east, the west, the north, the south
But still can’t figure out where the comp is
Give me my props give me my props
Fuck what a prop is, my proposition is
Every time they put a punch line nigga in front of me
Thinking the shit be tough till the scene turn to tragic
Faggot, its peter pan magic, whoever y’all picks he dust
They said the punch line king, this is where he get jipped see
See luck is not an option for yall ass
It’s tall grass we cut the lawn mower on, moron
To this stage I’m no stranger, it’s ranger danger, I’m just a head, Zordon
Lines, top to bottom, period
Whoever in my division divided sided decided pilot
I been on plane, water, grinding
Give me a break, you see what my might is, itis
These niggas sleeping on me
I guess I gotta rip the gum out of you youngsters mouth
It’s cool B, do what your gotta do best, and that is run when the monsters out
Y’all don’t get it?
It’s Scooby Doo, do what you do best, run when the monsters out
I’m no monster amongst you killers
A month to figure I among to niggas who be amounting to nothing
Aye wack clowns get rocked in the background
They’ll be amounting to something
I drunk from the fountain of youth
And you drunk from the fountain of frontin’
And just know, before it get too real
I still got options to take the blue pill

[Round 1: B Magic]
UW Battle league, the show arrived
Listen up, I get the bulldog for how hard ya actin
I mean I get the snub nose, Latoya Jackson
And a ring when I get to robbin’ like Paula Patton
The P-89 , arms cock back if ya chest out its time for krumpin’
I wig on him the mills, I Donald Trump him
Don’t get to morning y’all new day time is comin’
Lebron, Allen and Wade, my team hot
Master of this punch line shit homie, give King props
You could take a pick out of the clip, that’s a screenshot
Pull up, big gun in his ride, that’s Team Roc, that’s the cave gang
Imma let all the fans see, if you step to me man peep
Grab a tech out the damn Jeep, make a mess out this damn creep
You flex you get hand beat, I’m fuckin’ day up like a death in the family
Y’all niggas I got some shit to say and duck hunt
I’ll be the first one for pistol playing, no accident
When that llama and the fifth is spraying and crack his back
I promise, I meant to break it, I say I ride and take shot, you see the blazer
You keep talkin’ that jazz you gon’ need a baker
I’ll give ‘em a couple bucks like he needs a favor
In the building classic, you know the play day
But not real Eazy on the cam out with Dre day
Magic got some words we can pay day
I Ethan with the Hawke and daybreak
You dot mob? Well join roc in a hard place
I brought a piano he trying to fill up a guitar case
The metal got ya name on it like car plates
2Pac ‘em, see if you could smile with a scarred face
You want some bars? Then say that nigga
My deliver wash a cat may tag niggas
Spit faster, that’s Dizaster, Arab nigga
Let what’s in the lime fly to make day pass quicker
Yeah i took the battle cause I need the cake
My oldest son a fruit, how the fuck I seed a grape?
Its daytime for the coffin come get ya fever straight
See I take a day off like I need a break
Nigga I’m the shit I put that on my mama son
Pay all you gonna get to say is “he got a gun”
Them tools lifting you, two intro crew view into you
Dome shot, lean in his body like a smooth criminal
I’ll give ‘em a small cap, that’s a yamaka
No clip just one them days like Monica
The 7 can do the celebration, you follow bruh?
Be careful what you wish for I creep behind niggas
Uppercut, left, right, block ya chin
Power, speed, magic, stick and weave like a bobby pen
But why give his backhand when I can bank shots?
Somebody tell this motherfucker I’m the best
Check cats who thinking they sick com run it by a vet
I got some bad news for ya , I hang ‘em by his neck
Bitch I’m living what I’m writing that’s the butterfly effect
B motha fuckin’ magic nigga

[Round 2: Daylyt]
(Melly Mel)
You see that? I think I just seen the same cat, agents, agents
Like I’m sliding but I’m slipping, well let me get a grip them
Round this lil’ nigga motha fuckin’ neck
I’m gon put the pressure on it all night and keep applying
You people buyin’, we equal sided
This what’s seen as a devised scheme disguised
All cause UW don’t screen the clients
All this work you put in and you get the same simple assignment
And every time you line these niggas up I got to do the realignment
We got all night, we got all night
I don’t need $40K to battle loaded
I said, the plot is to cook skillet
Present the skill in me to get buzz worldwide
And show I’m a killer bee
Matrix, ima kill a B, this is when I go retarded
Y’all gon see the special ed in son
Camera’s gon need special edit son when I show ‘em I’m Edison
My main focus is my inner G positives and negatives
One line for this bitch but let’s subtract the women
Then it's the men thats in here
Who’s say the kid bad? Dennis the menace is here
A lifetime of mouth drillin’ will dent his career
These niggas too fake, I got a feeling it ain’t gon work out
Alley thugs don’t got the Balley’s plugged to smoke a nigga
But I do, so d will see that I’m just a different grade
Wave, say hello to ya Cali bud
Remember? When they said we’d be trash?
Called us low grade nigga with the stress issue, real shit less tissue
Never let your guts spill and nobody won’t mess with you
They say the key to being a G
Is build a stable foundation within made out of a steel base, but play less nickel
The last nigga who though my last pop quiz was funny
Now the only thing he remember is my test tickles
Y’all seen what I did to math, “watch out”
Y’all seen what I did to Fatz, “calm that shit down”
I went way to Detroit by my lonely like “Grape street nigga”
I no longer have to show y’all what my heart bout
Check worldstar and you’ll see a Day vid roughin niggas up
I just couldn’t resist the temptation of a mark out
Y’all seen it, I left fresh prints on a nigga head
But who aim I to judge death? Maybe that’s cause they Phil coward
I been tired, only reason I’m still on the road is
Cause I got large amount of will power
They say in order for your career to move forward I gotta take the focus route
Stay out of dodge, give B room, let him to being fly
Which is bitchness, you a ho, cause you gon cause doubt
I’m a dog you’re in on the porch of course you gon see what the dope is bout
When I spaz I get green, fly in the “the mask” and that cause I’m the loccest out
Bitch pout on that long ride home
Forever it shows the evidence, tell ‘em it’s elements to the god
You smell that shit? This is heaven sent
Every since they made first base, thought first place
Get the metal quick, but I got locked in the slammer
Y’all don’t wanna meet Medel with my type of killer
Yo Chilla, fill him in the enemy, who you be ABC
You don’t realize? The bag is waiting
What I’m asking ya is are you thinking bout Africa
It don’t matter I’m still beyond your wildest imagination
Double activation I’m too cold
When I come back snapping for spines it’s tragic
They said “he’s done” it’s a harry potter wand
That’s one hell of a line for Magic
Just now it can get too real
We still got that option to take the blue pill

[Round 2: B Magic]
I kicked his door caught him sleep, it’s a life I gotta take away
He’ll open his eyes to something blunt that’s a wake and bake
Every time you see me I got the cig nigga, Macy Gray
With good aim I dare superman to try a save the day
How you wanna do it? Killin’ niggas is my true religion
Black is not a cat you wanna cross that’s superstition
5 shots for the a trey, no Hoova crippin
You a bad boy if you bring em back like new edition
Try to run I get my money back that’s a refund
Reload give em the same clip that’s a rerun
Fuck that I let him hold some bucks if he need one
Two double pumps like “what’s happening” I’m re-run
This is not a battle for coming to see props
You stunt and you see Glocks you wanted to be shot
Go to Chris, I mean I send him where Pun is to meet Pac
High power, light Is only 103 Watts
Its’ motha fuckin’ magic, that nigga’s hot
Beam on the 40 homie, let a game off hit the spot
B Magic flood the whole city can you say FEMA?
Straight right, I’m tryin’ to turn Daylyt to a daydreamer
Trip the 9'll blow I Chief like Geronimo
Creep up on him with the K-Shine steps, kinda low
You will fuck around and get popped like a condom broke
I’m on a roll see Daylyt playin’
If we cock ours back who gon do the Daylyt saving?
I’ll have him streaming when I’m blammin’ the metal
Which’ll have him burning like Hansel & Gretel
New jersey what up niggas, Salutations
Magic spread out a room of niggas like allegations
Have em in a gown when them caps fly, congratulations
When i put it all in ya head like imagination
These haymakers, I’m the best nigga, ask ya shortie
Creep up on day and his homeboys, with the Mac & 40
Ya man chin get worked on like axel Foley
Bitch came out that cake for his ring like a bachelor party
Competitor, who said that? That ether flow
Two forearms over ya head, that’s a sleeper hold
Night night the sleepy mode, walk him thru hell
April O’Neill, I’ll have him talkin’ to shells
These bars all day, I’m out here for the ring
Daylyt on some shit them niggas from California making
Got ya chick from watts, she down for the Californication
Aired the grape out, had a nigga from California raisin
Mr. Flipper, Magic be the sickiest infection
With the 5th it get reckless, it’ll split him in seconds
Run up on me homie gon see the smith & the Wesson
I tried to inform a nigga he gon witness protection
We got shit bigger than police guns
Dumpin, I’m goin for a bag like a weed Run
Two hawks, know a AR when you see one
Two hawks, Noah, AR, C, dumb
I ain’t trying to be silly with y’all
If I pop it bet he rocket to the city of god
Meaning I lay em down when that scheme come thru
Sleep for good that’s how you make a dream come true
B motha fuckin’ Magic nigga

[Round 3: Daylyt]
This is the part where it can get too real
How many people want me to take this blue pill?
Third verse, I could’ve brought the quill out for you niggas
I think it’s time for me to bring out the real out for you niggas
How many people in here from grape? Nobody? Ars, you from grape nigga
Let me do you a lil’ history lesson
You know how we put that on the homie Young?
You know Young went to Missouri and got killed By some Lou niggas?
You knew that? So with that being said, fuck all this rap shit
I should bill one of you niggas
Nah nah nah, fuck all this Shaq shit, I Shaquille one of you niggas
But nah we not gon do that since we both on crip
I’m not gon be on that bitch shit
I figured I’d just give you the origin of this crip shit
We gave y’all thug niggas life to practice, I mean we talkin’ bout practice
But he didn’t want too, I guess “the answer” turned into the cancer
The only option was to kill a sly project
I mean soon as we blinked to think they was 40 drinkin’ 40’s
Nigga put that gin aside, this is genocide I bet
Before any of you niggas was created it was us, “thuggin”
Turned into the that question that gave birth to the inner pride process
To maintain a space we created a gang, a space a circle
That the tan didn’t understand, man
They labeled that a unidentified object
Cause we kept that silver metal round
Settle down for now, no friendships
Today you a foe to my sword my skill
And yes I’m gon be with the extras, terrestrial he know
This is when true men show that this world is not real
What we do? That’s our skill and y’all ignore it
What these humans like?
They steal or bit everything from the fav son
But let’s air out that round
When I go at em it’s fear of destruction
I hope y’all ready before that day come for your life
See my kind of partition, just listen
Thinkin’ about my mission, I gotta plan it
Cause I past that 103rd rock from the sun damn it
I see they material running out of fluid
Who should they hit the lick with
Surface gotta be 70% covered
Cause every animal on the planet do demand It
But this is where I do damage, don’t panic
His planet tangent granted
I care less how he crip he is he’s still gon c-a-l-i
Created everything you nIggas know of
You give me my city this is Prometheus
He might not have faith but he gon see how big we is
You pushed the wrong button
And you might’ve waken up these god crips from outta the crib
Figured you bitch nigga, there’s no reason for me to age you bro
Sally it’s Cali we started this blue water charter
It’s a part of us in all of these niggas’ H20
But I see you out that hydro too
The crown drunk, full of ox and gin
Well I might have to blow the flute to reveal my course line
Of course I’m no bomba clot but meet ya maker
Now say hello to my 4th kind
I tell em soon as they weigh me in it was an alien
I state lines that separate us you done came to the wrong border
Step one foot in my ocean
Magic gon need Magic potion to sustain this cold water
Which is the keyword and the key of life
They put a pond in front of me, I guess I gotta wet b slow
Reverse my thoughts this live stream I guess y’all gotta let me flow
This is when you see I’m beyond nice, I been on a clean wave
You could tell but don’t be on no tattle shit
Speak of new niggas, well I’m not the one to paddle with
Ain’t that a bitch how I dog girl it’s all pearl harbor Arthur
But I’m just different battleship for example…
When one soldier get hit they sub marines in
To bring in the guard crew but he get tore up with torpedoes
He don’t realize it’s God who created the sequel to these people
But I just gotta play my part too
In a small world, but this is honey I blew up the baby
Maybe let me enlarge in you kids
On how to be a newborn threat to the world
You see all this blue up here it’s a different margin
I told y’all it’s time to spaz time
Oooooo where my jacket? Where my jacket? Somebody give me a jacket
Gimmie my jacket I told y’all it’s time to spaz time
I told y’all it’s time to spaz time, we ain’t forgot we ain’t forgot my nigga
It’s mask time, let’s go
Fans was everywhere, it was lookin’ like a plan
They was standing in the background lookin’ like a stan
I start buckin “ba ba ba ba” people was bookin’ by the van
Cops stopped the Chinese lady and said “what does he look like?”
She said “he look a like a man”
What I gotta put that in the matrix or something?
“We had it under control”, I said quiet down, hold on
I said “I had it under control” it was looking like a plan
Fans was in the background lookin’ like a stan
I let a shot off blocka, blocka, blocka and it was lookin’ like a band
Cops stopped the Chinese lady and asked her
“What did he look like?” And she said “he look a like a man”

[Round 3: B Magic]
I hope this nigga brought a pistol
Had to haul the strap with a tow truck we brought the missiles
I guarantee you’re gonna fall if all them hit you
Gun so big it look fake, but my autoficial
We got nothing in Common, I’m just right
Big strap keep a dot calm ain’t a website
These brand new pair of blazers ain’t fresh nike’s
When it broke ‘em up it took half, that’s an ex wife
Straight walk into ya funeral with head ice
He the one that killed you, I’m just bringing the dead Lyt
Tap yo homie like “yo homie is dead nice”
Get the pump to ya LA gear is you step Lyt
Magic on a come up, run up, the 8’ll blocka
Magazines XXL, rapper’s takin’ cover
I maid men like Whitaker when he played the butler
The nigga see you shootin’ lyrics ain’t Jason brother
Say Daylyt get popped, I’m on the foolie block
All purple on, blending in with the tooly cocked
Like “he ain’t breathing?” fa fa “surely not”
When I open up on his chest he get jewelry boxed
You wanna play? This ain’t luggage that I carry on
Bullets will run thru out the day like a marathon
See I erase ya whole clique Mayan race ya
Get the shooting for ya heart Sanaa Lathan
I’m the best on the stage homie, my lane closing
Magic marksmen, blow a cartridge like the game frozen
Pop a nigga out his ropes, I’m chain smokin’
Don’t know what type of shit day done sold to y’all
On the roll when i hit the pin that’s a bowling ball
Bars give him dope feel that’s Bogotá
Mission impossible to get him ghost? I’m the pro to call
Hop in the whip and come and ride with a gangsta
I ride around with safety off it’s something wide in the chamber
So if you try me nigga, meet Yo Gotti ya savior
Twistin’ with ya brains out that’s mindless behavior
Talk to a nigga do it with a Super K
Get thru these 3 hot rounds then you super day
A bar fest ain’t what you want what you want nigga, lets play
Couldn’t ride way out of these bars with a death race
It’s B Magic I’m the best nigga, nothing less
See me and think of VD, I’m a fucking threat
Number 1 ask the people who the fuckin’ best
It’s illuminati ass niggas that I must address
Seen Dot Mob in the club just last night
Push Mook off the side start turnin’ off Rex mic
Nigga dressed in a batman suit said “let’s fight”
I rocked em, Tay stepped over the body like “that’s Lyt”
But he need it nigga just remind me of Omar
Catch him in checkin’ his rims, I’m O-dogg
Don’t Be A Menace, cause you’ll know
I’ll slip a uzi out the closet and smoke dog
I said it once these motha fuckas scared
I’m from the motha fuckin’ Lou that’s how a motha fucka play it
Beat me? Can you believe what this motha fuckin’ said?
You must’ve slipped, fell and bumped on his motha fuckin’ head
B motha fuckin’ Magic nigga

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