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Loaded Lux

"Krazy Arthur"

Let's get into it. We back baby. It's Loaded. Mean

[Verse 1]
Damn it what I do it for, peep the pale horse
Unicorns watching music form
This why they assume I'm born, but sue me wrong
I'm proving strong, soldier radio, ready your uniform
Who were some
Blood sport where the drugs costs and the loves lost
Born young poor I learned what for now I want more
Me one law were never room for one more
I hit yo front door and go straight for the junk drawer
You know me homes, out them projects
You know them homes hold his own
And waiting on niggas to throw a bone
Heart cold, born without a soul I go alone
Smart phones, dumb niggas way out the call zone
My art known, mix tapes, been a big wait
Watch as I'm fittin to come down on em like Star Jones
Growing up with a false education
Back together with truth, off a long separation
Storm breaking, bet I make it with strong dedication
Niggas need less talking and more preparation
Second racing my banner rising and the panic rising
I'm advanced science they standarized and they stand divided
And can't deny they can't provided it, I amplify it
I've been analyzing why niggas were there to die
But I'm here, say we're here

What they say about em?
I ain't too crazy bout em
I heard they say he bout it
You niggas baby bottom baby
A train game, the people know the story
Lux the neighbor, love it when they call me
What they say about em?
I ain't too crazy bout em
I heard they say he bought it
You niggers baby bottom baby

[Verse 2]
I do this for the late Marcus Garvey
Pardon me y'all, the great Marcus Garvey
Fans still think I'm crazy with it, Gnarls Barkley
Your shit used to bump hard, Charles Barkley
Cough blood beefin to music
We start armies, make movies
I play both sets, Rob Zombie
Tryna live it up before I make it to God's party
Maybe your Benz all white joint, Bob Marley
Order's back in assorted raps; let's restore the facts
Life's plan is to test a man in his moral acts
I bought a map, put the cameras on my recorded match
Every choice is tracked and I answer all the reporter's acts
With caught anthems they all chanting 'em, I'm gon' amp 'em
The real me on a lost planet, they walk stranded
Good men watch'em fall random for small ransom
The ghetto need is less scramblers and more Panthers
We here, I said we here baby


[Verse 3]
I drop the finest of diamonds you find hiding
And my kill time and my meal diets are still dying
How you take a man's will and hide it, it's a skilled science
It's ill minded -- he nice on the track, it just feel violent
They on; Lord I wanna spend every day home
But I hustle my way on
This the struggle to stay on
Told my man stay strong, why he live every day wrong?
Wanting nothing to pray for
Where's the justice for Trayvon?
Caught up but can't win in the courts, it's double edge sworded
With some support fought in a war you never could afford
Report the revolution, televise the recordings
Young cats, they ain't buying my gun back -- I just bought it
Back at the office, communication distorted
Truth and the whole story I do it for home glory
Losers could go corny
Me on top of the hill
Cause everything digital don't mean stop keeping it real
Can you feel me?
I said we here, motherfucker


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