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Loaded Lux

"Bout My Money"

I'm all about my money
You know it
I'm all about my money

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Gotta make it, communities dressed and gated
Get investigated, we just engaging for jets to Vegas
Headed to the bank, either check-ins or savings
Just when you thought my success was getting famous
Bitch, (I'm all about my money)
Just think all of this gold started as goals
On the road caught in the cold
To put something hot on the stove
Warm up the load, Loaded put something on 'em on load
My DNA lead the way to the bank that harvest the code
Hard to be chose in a world that's judgmental
No love went through, the options was scarce; some end you
But some men do what they gotta
Watch who gone fuck with you
The sign is the dollar: that one symbol makes trust simple
Life is a bitch, and the average brother don't love her
I told sisters, "Either baby mama or married mother"
I carry the wonders and the attitude of a hustler
I let you relish in thoughts 'til you catch up to what I muster
You must've been somewhere other than this country
It's just a come-up
The world is covered in colors, but everyone loves the green
Young teen on the drug scene that run things
I'll touch your soul until I leave prints – what's up, King?

I'm heading to bank so you know I'm feeling fine
Get your own paper, don't worry 'bout mine
If you see me on the block
Then that mean I'm on my grind
The only sign I'm throwing up, nigga, is dollar signs
‘Cause I'm all about my money
Yeah, and I don't care what you haters gotta say
I'm 'bout my money
And I don't care what you bitches gotta say
I'm 'bout my money

[Interlude: Smack White]
It's not about the big names no more, because a lot of the big names that actually perform on the stage
Ain't delivering the quality battles and the quality
You know, performance that we looking for
You got dudes that's choke in the first round
They looking at this like it's a pay-day

[Verse 2: Loaded Lux]
Another classic for under-class men and lowered passion
What I produce in this booth when in front of glass
Take no underpasses to run it past us
Someone's askin' about Summer Madness
I told 'em these questions you come at Smack with
Smack him and ask him
"Why in the fuck would he double backwards?"
Lux is a master, how can a hollow fill in the gap when
Punching and attacking rappers
Before Puffy was in the rafters
Busta gon' feel the rapture, the glass splash off the chapters
Imagine me 'round them clothes racks
I'm the reason battle rap niggas can close racks
Where the code at?
You know I love the art, but will the art love me back?
And who I got in my heart? A father got to do his part
Been true from the start
But soldier, I told 'em I'm gone march
It was him, Chico and Beasley
Came to see me, that was March
First one off the strength, just to show him the strength
Wow, you want a mile off an inch


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