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Loaded Lux

"Meet in the Middle"

Cause thats the Heat gettin' high
I ain't just trying to get by
I know that we can be higher
I just don't wanna get by
I know you wanna live higher
Yeah! How 'bout we meet in the middle
How can we meet in the middle
Cause I ain't trying to get by
I know you wanna be higher
I just don't wanna get by
I know you wanna live Higher
So can we meet in the middle

[Verse 1]

She likes episodes of Atlanta Housewives
Got us living beyond our means we should downsize
Skills to get us to the hills from the town-side
But thats just the dream, the reality is it sounds nice
Looking down on life five years from now
I'm thinking all this Polo and Gucci I'm wearing now
Could've been investing studio hours to tear it down
But all I got to show for it, my appearance there in my crown
You could see I knew I went wrong
Now with this bright idea trying to screw her on
But all this Louis Vuitton
Blinding where you belong
And we can truly form
If you would just conform
We need a compromise
Cause I know that this fast life is gon' be our demise
I'm trying to groom us cause I see you as my bride
We got to analyze and find where we collide
Life is choices baby girl, decide!


[Verse 2]

So I'm telling her 'bout investments we should go about
She's talking new dresses and she's going out
I'm thinking all the nights I played motor mouth
Lessons that I'm swearing she's catching she tries to throw 'em out
Now I'm so in doubt, thinking we should grow without
Each other on this ladder to success road we off route
She throwing on her blouse, I'm in my music zoning out
Alone with my thoughts, just me, the remote, and the couch
LOL, SMH-ing
Head aching cause I know my grain
I mean Grind don't equal to my ranking
Rhymes like a bed patient with the meds waitin'
Sick but get declined cause we can't get translation
You know your goals can be infected by your vibrations
And this is fucking with my mood got my mind racing
Decide baby you want a lot of a little
First you got to meet me in the middle

[Verse 3]

You see, I'm down to die for the pie tired of having slices
Spent most of our days knowing what the average life is
Don't you wanna see the towns where the satellites is?
Well to get to the sky takes sacrifices
Ground level is full of several distractions
Up coming attractions we got to keep traction
I'm true to the dream I'm avid
We could have it
Just got to keep our head in them books and out the plasmas
Don't want to look back on our life to say we nowhere
Trust me when I tell you, "the club ain't going nowhere"
It's one thing to be in the house, but home's here
Nail polish start fading or your goals clear
I know the road there's vigorous and it's written in
Your face, "this again"
But the mission's been discipline
What's it for a man to gain the world or lose his girl?
Cause she couldn't tell the diamonds from the pearls
Baby girl


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