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Loaded Lux

"True Love"

[Produced by Ahk 2Gs]

[Verse 1]
And if the stars are God’s eyes on the planet
Heaven plant them on me planted in a hammock
And the daydreaming
Thinking about my little man! My little man!
Gonna be given in advantage
Time I train them out them pampers...
Till I take them to a campus
Let me raise them to be Samson
Strong at giving chances, little menace
Saying please, saying thank you, little manners
It's getting no, to never over
I can't always be a chauffeur,
But leave them something to show for
It helps to play the game
When you got someone near to coach you
I hold you shoulder to shoulder, bring us a little closer
Cause I want to! Not cause I'm supposed to!

This true love, yeah! This what I live for!
I'm raising you, you're raising me
How can I live more for my little man?
Huh, my little man!
And still my head high with my back against the wall
And I'll be standing tall, till I fall, I give my all
Y'all, for my little man! You hear me, big man?

[Verse 2]
May you never feel abandoned
They know you're tomorrow's granted
Pictures of your parents but you paint your own canvas
Lil man, grab my hand! Let me help you understand it
As I cross you to these streets till you stand on your own feet
Here to get you to that other side that some will never reach
Till I rest in peace, securing your future won't let me sleep
Cause you was born to be that better me I'll never be
From your first steps, to my last breath
Reasons I had stress, reasons I have strength
And when your enemy remember me in past tense
Fought to […] every single adlib
Even to my enemy and all your penalty
May your babies eyes always grant you serenity!
I'm with my lil man, hand to hand, hearing me
I'll be a proud father to my last memory


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