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Loaded Lux


I been on my grind since a lil' nigga
I been getting money since a lil' nigga
But now that I'm all grown, all grown
I gotta do it on my own
I been on my grind since a lil' nigga
Niggas still thinking I'm a lil' nigga
Cuz I been on the low, low, low
I gotta let 'em know, know, know
I'ma get 'em

[Verse 1]
My mama loved me, pops adored me, you say what's my story
If life's a bitch, then fuck the world
Wel,l I'm gon' have some orgies
Since a shorty, (get mine) for I'm pushing 40
Man I'm from Harlem, (west side) wild 140s
They call me Loaded, she know what's up
Don't need no chick to hold me down, bitch, hold me up
I'm just a product of the town, I didn't have fans to listen
We trying to bring that girl in heavy like planet fitness
The money moves, get the honeys nude, wonderful
Grade 'em bad, hot with class, summer school
Still rap like I got nothin' to lose
Somethin' to prove, ton of views
Came up on that camera like a Huxtable
Yes sir, let the master chef stir
Dust 'em off like a ex sherm-
Heads, don't know my pain, they just know a nigga name
Time I let my walk explain


[Verse 2]
The block hot, corner cold, told to talking code
That story's old, they sell it fast to the more is sold
Georgia peach want Georgian blow, that's all she know
The glory road to all the gold
Daughters all alone tryna find daddies, and a male friend
It's like they got the same daddy, his failed him
Sales pitch for the water ought to no how dry the well been
Tell me take my time cuz fast money don't get well-spent
The younger boys wanna run the noise, want devoid's
Too bad you ain't got the drug of choice
That's your girl, better get her cuz she's on ya boy
And all I'm tryna un-avoid is being unemployed
I'm losing faith in tryna choose a mate, screwing dates
Stick and moving, tryna keep this music straight
I'm hustling, helping cousin try and prove his case
State star witness said they could ID the shooter's face


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