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Bobby Brackins

"What U Go Do"

[Verse 1: Bobby Brackins]
Big body whippin' on Mack
? fast ?
? that ?
But the nigga got stacks
Give it up fast, I don't wanna ask
Niggas be cattin', niggas is all trash
Stay with a couple l's, like Kool J
All rappers get they swag from the new Bay
What you gone do, man a young nigga too paid

? my nigga Su, man the young nigga ?
A few red and black sheets with some white stains
K-Kool John rockin' 'bout five chains
Got a ?, killed the function, left with a roof full of cash

What you gone do with a nigga like me?
Mouth full of gold, bitch I'm too icy
Pullin' all the hoes in a plain white tee
What you gone do with a nigga like me?
What you gone do with it?
Tell me what you gone do when you see a nigga like me
What you gone do with it, when you ask if I'm on and I say that I might be
What you gone do?

[Verse 2: IamSu]
Sin sinner
She call me ? like the shoes with the spin-spinners
The win-winners
The heart breakers, the Mark Jacobs
She star denims, we ball in it, cash in it
I need a girl that's independant

No major label, I regulate her like Warren G
I'm getting paper, middle finger to authorities
A bad, bad, bad, girl with cash, class, ass, ass, and pearls
Everything else I need, call her a masterpiece
Ooh, I'm gettin' better as the days go on
Let's take a trip where the phone's don't wrong
She ain't say gotta shit, she know that I'm on
Like the fridge in the kitchen, ya dig! (Aye!)


[Verse 2: Kool John]

I go dumb, I go crazy ho
I need an independent lady not a lazy ho
I'm 'bout bidness with my checks, go crazy Dro
Play your cards right I might let you meet my bros
Me, Bobby in the lobby, me Skipper on the street, me and Su up in the booth
Let's sip up on the street

I'm the opposite of lies, yeah she know what it do
She said she want round two I said give my dick a boost (Ugh!)
What type of nigga know? Bring the bops out, bring the blocks out
Stay shmop'd out
I come from ? with the ? out
Blow dro, lean hoes til my lights out


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