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Chorus x2
I know you think I'm young and naive
But you gotta trust in me
To be strong and responsible
'Cause I think I'm in love

1st Verse
Solange: Don't try to tell me this ain't real
It's in the way he makes me feel
I think my baby is the one
It's in the way he holds it down
Beyonc': I know you think that this is real
I know exactly how you feel
Too young to know if he's the one
Girl you got time so slow it down

Chorus x2

Solange: It's too complicated
To explain my relationship
My friends are hating
Cause they ain't feelin' what I'm feelin'
Leave me alone and just let me be
Find your own thing and get off of me
Beyonc': It's not complicated girl
I've been where you are before
I'm not underratin'
I'm just tryin' to protect your feelings
Solange, listen to me
Understand what I'm sayin'
You'll realize one day how much I care

Chorus x2

Verse 2 (Rap)
Da Brat: Solange, you might love the boy
Even sneak around the corner, kiss and hug the boy
But Beyonc' been there before
And she wouldn't want anybody to hurt you
Cause Matthew would drill the boy
And I can't ignore that you young
We just don't want you to get sprung
On some young dumb-dumb with no crumbs
Get all up in your heart and then run
Gettin' your heart broke is no fun
Neither is somebody tellin' you he not the one
You gotta learn for yourself though
And if you don't experience things
Then you'll never know
I don't want you wishin'
You coulda, shoulda, woulda did it, but you didn't
Listenin to other people's advice
It's your life
Make your own decisions really


Chorus x4

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