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"Triple Threat"

[Intro: Nature]

[Verse 1: Nature]
Y'all know my pedigree, hoes blow the gods voluntarily
We're world wide, my heart pumps where the ghettos be
Young sharks be telling me, y'all niggas can't swim, y'all drowning
From my hood to your hood, the anthem, y'all wilding
I die for my coalition, the foes whispering
Hating, Wild Gremlins and those that roll with 'em
So I chose rap, we vamped to neva go back
Until this life of animosity, the high velocity
Niggas be on the same team planning to blow shots at me
Be the same mouths I try to feed
I write shit, entice it properly, 'til it hurts me
The same game as James Worthy, they spread my name like it's Herpes
Nature, niggas on the block boxing me, y'all not complete
We take this shit to where it gots to be, now smile philosophy

[Verse 2: Nas]
Sex and money go together like techs and nine shells
Swiss cheese you and cover it up like Roswell
Cartel, you ain't seen no iller regime
The Celest team, prophecy, project warrior, owns property
Crackers hate it, cops get jealous cause I stay with
The '98 temporary plates on my whip
The system thing is not right
A rich thug could fuck a cop's wife
Cause I'm on television and live the pop life
I rock mics, make mills, sound scan sales
One point whateva records, professional skills
Money's the root of evil but it'll make you happy
Don't wanna shoot my people but still they might clap me
Cause I talk like Dr. Malachi york, played the sidewalk
Hold fort, diamond plate chain, gold fork
Get in tune, rich life Ricky for silver spoon
Frank Lopez's crib, elevators and living room

[Verse 3: Noreaga]
Ayo we're still in Queens, same place where we use to be
Often you won't see us, cause we're usually out touring
Leave the hood now the hood boring
NORE, you know me, we're regulating
Straight from Iraq with QB affiliated
It's like a higher learning
From 99th street down to Vernon
Letting our heat burst burning
Like henny wet, throwing up my set
Catch me on star tec, 'bout to set the connect
Yo sex, drugs, money and murder, beers and sex
Lands and Lex in the projects
The 4th floor where we score through our cook-up
D's shook-up, hit the block and now you look up

[Verse 4: Nature]
Whispers turning to screams, from screams to hollers
Fans turn to fanatics, go home and dream about us
My zone, I need the chronic, my habit daily
Spitting, rapping fury, I got more steps then Alvin Ailey
Thousands will feel me, my nickname Braille
Dietec, the fakest niggas, cause their cliques ain't real
Each verse be pain filled, force to taking Motrin's
From the street to the screen, pictures be major motion
Nature grossing, holding my square where snake's approaching
React quickly, keeping gats where my dick be
A buck equal a hundred, so a half is fifty
Y'all do the math with me, before I hurt you
It's personal, you and I know, my whole squad be U-N-I-versal
From blood in to blood out, we thugged out
Fuck a four-four, I go to snub route, leave you rubbed out

[Verse 5: Nas]
Death followed him, before it swallowed him whole
It was signs he should of read that was inside his soul
Niggas light dutches to 'em now
So long miss a mutha fucka but still life goes on
Hope I'm rich on my last day, clutching some ass
Nigga said he came in with, got a nut when he passed
An old man laying dead on my bed, with some young shit
Screaming out "freedom" when I slumped her chest
After that, chill, be a bitch with a hex
Every nigga she sexed, be the next put to rest

[Verse 6: Noreaga]
Yo since a young sibling, had every flavor Timberland
Always had a jump shot and always dribbling
John McEnroe, Jose lay like Casserole
Doling Mike Tys', the jungle low, cut the china white
Come check ya, mixed the henny with the nectars
On straight flights while y'all cats connectors
If it was up to me, the whole world would be comfortably
But since its not, y'all niggas stay fucked up
I think about y'all too much and be bankrupted
So niggas get yours, I got mines niggas, so what, what?


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