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"Dead Presidents"

[Verse One: Emilio Rojas]
Yeah, now we were young and reckless
Runnin’ trenches to fundin’ Benzes to hunger pains
Had a couple friends with them guns in vests, a couple chains
Man, that’s nothing to us, it’s unimpressive
All he wanted was a Range so he crossin’ states in the Dodge Intrepid
His mother stressed in the hospital ‘cause her son’s in sepsis
Cuffed him to a bed ‘cause they shot him before he was arrested
Officer outside the room, we were tryna crowd in
But till they get a statement from ‘em, none of us allowed in
And they rushed him through the ER and they read him all his rights
Where they was finishin’ with triage, the officers who shot him
Followed him inside a streetcar but they were undercover
They ain’t say they were police, nah, nah
But this what happens on the block too fuckin’ often
All these cats is catchin’ bodies like they jugglin’ with coffins
The drugs that people sellin’ got ‘em beefin’ over corners
Instead of dreamin’, we gon’ see that corner office
And the way he beat them charges and he knows it too
Shit, so he’ll be dead inside even if he ends up pullin’ through
And when them cops hopped out, he shot some rounds
‘Cause he thought that they were tryna hunt him down
That’s what happen in the town man…

[Verse Two: Emilio Rojas]
Yeah, they flood the streets with guns and flood our eyes with tears
Little homie 16, they got him facin’ seven years
Because his priors, they don’t wanna try him as a minor
He should just be pickin’ out all his majors, not locked inside
But the price of leather’s got us deeper than ever
And these hoes in love with money so they just sleep with whoever
When they guarantee a life that they can Instagram
So they gonna hit the sand that’s in Miami with Louis bags and business class
We livin’ fast but we been dyin’ quicker
And there ain’t gonna be no swimmin’ back
When we drownin’ when we been cryin’ rivers
We bury people like seeds and we never gon’ see ‘em grow
Mournin’ they potential like he coulda been a CEO
Instead of seein’, shit ain’t never gonna change
Because once you catch a felony, you caught up in the game
They don’t hire convicts at no nine to five
And ain’t no rehabilitation, they makin’ more when we locked inside
The poison cheaper than the cure and they profit off the treatment
So they keep us sick some more, yeah
And fuck are y’all to tell my people they do wrong
When y’all fundin’ came from cigarette companies all along?

[Verse Three: Dubb]
To live life, you sellin’ death
Young nigga’s face deteriorate off crystal meth
Gotta sip some lean just to go to sleep ‘cause he stressed
Stay high, his low self-esteem, it got him depressed
This whole world is a mess, need more a street sweeper to clean it up
Even a scared coward will squeeze a gun
While a real man would just beat you up
Kill or be killed mentality, that’s the mindset that got my people stuck
Caged in before you even got a chance to see your boy
You get your freedom up, ride around with the Mac
Like lay them niggas flat down like a diesel truck
But when you was born and raised in hell
It’s kinda difficult to get a evil up
Take it into consideration, this generation don’t see leaders much
Take matters into my own hands, every nigga I know wanna rap
All the hoes wanna pole dance, so if you slow dance
And you finish school, you ain’t cool, you a fool
That do what you see on the TV and that ain’t you
It’s a roadblock we gotta break through
No matter what you do, just stay true nigga
Tell yourself how you expect somebody else to love you
When there’s hate within, uncomfortable in your own skin
In the mirror, instead of seein’ yourself clearer
This whole time, you starin’ at the man you been fearin’

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