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Worldwide, Immortalized, Immortalized, Worldwide
Worldwide, Immortalized, Worldwide, Worldwide, Immortalized

[Verse 1]
Worldwide, Immortalized, smokin' endo with my killers we ride
Heat on the side, in drama niggas die in cross fire
Can't let them slide till the rigor mortis set in his eyes
Niggas surprised, you was dumped on by some ki's on the rise
Shot yo' ass when I pulled out the chrome
I was puttin' niggas in the pave before this rap shit came along
Immortalized through this thug shit, the niggas is spittin'
Attractin' phillie, a bag of sticky green and a game of splittin'
We on a mash to the certain niggas dumpin' my cash
Motherfuckers wanna see me six feet in the grave thinkin' I won't last
But I'm a soldier, I told you bitches, now what the fuck
The only way I'm fallin' is slippin' on one of you niggas' blood
I'm in this shit for life and when my cash get dropped
May my thug traces be Immortalized like Biggie & Pac
Get my shit, slugs and niggas' trunk for blocks and blocks
Immortal thug shit will never stop, Immortalized

I can't believe these j-j-jealous niggas don't wanna s-s-see me rise
I'm in the Caddy g-g-got me th-th-thuggin' worldwide
Turnin' mobbin' into Immortalized, Immortalized, worldwide, worldwide

[Verse 2]
One Love to niggas like Eazy E soldiers who put a dent in the game
It ain't the same, heavy holdin' niggas claimin' the fame
Clogged up my brain, this thug shit will drive a nigga insane
Diamond licks and chains, with Infra-Red we aim
Niggas loc'ed up for the cash, when the real g's came
Th-th-thuggin' laced up in my veins I can't be changed
Immortalized like them presidents with they faces on rocks
Ebonic Sleazy is the language for the game that we chop
Green leaves, cannibus seeteev, and crystal
50 g's, makin' niggas bleed with pistols
Put it down, cause it ain't no time for fuckin' around
Every nigga wanna see six figures on up no less, we pass the bets
Remember me? The man with the 50 cal' in my hand
Comin' more savage than Tarzan, hear what I'm sayin'?
Niggas sneakin' up on my casket, but I ain't sweatin' you haters
Ay listen, weren't for bitch-ass-niggas it wouldn't be real players
Represent to the fullest, at the same time dodgin' bullets
This mob shit ain't easy nigga, but somebody gotta do it
Immortalized, immortalized, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Fuck I'm gonna peel this bitch, for sheesy, BLAOW!!!


[Verse 3]
Never die, just mulitply, thug niggas, Immortalize
Energize like them batteries, caught up in the mob life
Niggas be talkin' that crazy shit when they don't know what the fuck they sayin'
Makin' money off rap music when you was in Elementary playin' and slayin'
It's all real, shootin' back at the niggas shootin' to kill
Well if it's fuck my life it's fuck your life, go to war with steel
If you niggas ain't feelin' me, fuck your clique and your hood
It's Bossalini, straight soldier, never went Hollywood
Always ridin' through the streets hittin' corners with fellas
In a bucket or a Benzo, when we blast it ain't no tellin'
It's West Side till my life expire
Mob music till the wheels fall off, motherfucker we all ride
Put the fire to the endo, sippin' the Hen
Cause you will never see a bad guy like this one again
Pullin' on you niggas with no mask on, straight smash
If it wasn't for rappin', I'd be jackin' gettin' my blast on


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