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"Hot 97 Freestyle"

I feel something special is about to happen
Queens nigga but the meetings be up in Manhattan
Move the pack fast, coupe saying "Bulk quick!"
Re-up, then kick another one, bulk shit
We should have the hood Olympics, a cook off
Let's see who's coke is terrific, and who is gifted
With the coffee pot, they who shook the cookie jar
That will seperate the hustler's from the rookies, y'all
I knew enough spanish not to get jerked when i wanted work
Plus, I let my gun go off Berzerk
My cousins in the big houses, never had job niggas 'they was into murdering kidnapped and robbed niggas
I used to rhyme as a hobby in my building lobby
Fucking up ounces, take it back to quaters then
Whole sales was shakim or even Shawn Watermen
Fast foward got locked for shooting
Hit sparfit, back when latin kids first recruting
Locked in a zone, mind seperate
Got a counselor, went to school with a weapon
Not for Protection - but to show it off
But i would really use it
The power of the gun gave me strength, i would abuse it
Never ever ever thought i would make it out of music
Started Writing rhymes at the iner vision of youth
Locked up, we indoubted golden's books
My imagination, i got creative with the pen though
Started writing rhymes about the streets, that was temple
My persona, identify hood pride
Logical, order of the blocks and the streets and the obstacles
Shit work when you think about it
I mean i'm still getting rap money when you think about it
Yeah, rap! Probably saved my life twice with it
Let's get nice with it, let's forget all the ice with it
Forget the accolades and other wild things i did
I was a wild kid, i would've ran up in your crib
Remember War Report C-N-N legacy
Hip Hop Pedigree, rhymes is a felony
Student of the game I take responsibility
Give me tranquility, so niggas can't belittle me
I still do what i do like past due
This album's from the heart, kinda felt that I had to
True shit, I do the new shit
And the true school shit, wilding with the deuces
Little guns for the little duns, y'all are
Back in the leather couch, Marijuana
Eyes vision clearer, I love who i see in the mirror

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