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"Jane Meets Nore"

(Verse 1- Noreaga)
Let me thug it out like I'm suppose to
Straight vocal JaneBond
You know we gotta keep it coastal
It's like we trackmasters
How we Tone & Poke
But I got patience for cho cha
Guyanera gopa
Tell them niggas popa
Tell them that I'm loca
Yeah coolo
Being the boss like Hugo
Smoke chronic
Stereo panasonic
She can just strip with ease
Yo boo
Take it off and just hit to your knees
NORE type that just can't get pleased
I got two bitches sucking my toes
Another two on my meat
What and still a nigga won't get weak
I like to keep it all sex like Dawsons creek
Thug it right out right on a SugaBear beat
JaneBond and NORE we take the street (what)
Take it all mommy (what, what)

Chorus (2x)

NORE: Bitches everywhere just be givin it up
JANE: Got the hatas hatin harder but they biggin
us up
NORE: Droppin hundreds on the floor still pickin it
JANE: Try to duplicate the style but we switchin it

(Verse 2- JANE BLAZE )

Ayo yall dogs ain't ready for this
Pull my seat
I bring the heat
Locked and Sealed that is
When my kitty kat sing
All ears on this (meow)
My music will make yall cats wanna dance 2 this
Got that
JaneBond and NORE
Got it locked
Like the crib of a latchkey kid
Match me kid
You think you can snatch me kid
Catch me kid
Back your shit up
You can bout face it kid
Armed and dangerous
With this (uhhuh)
Got the thuggest niggas strung on this
Speakin the tongue
One by one
Treat yall cats like criminals
And throw the customs gal
Canu handle that
Just dismantle that
What positions in W-W-W
F cats
Touchin the streets where yall left at
In what dog you trust
Platinum plus
Suck you in my black hole
While u lust

Chorus (Repeat)

(Verse 3- Noreaga)

Ayo niggas see us
From thugged out to
Mad clown niggas
Just wanna be us
Wanna hate on us
Wanna trade on us
Yo immediately you the one we can't trust
Pull the guns out
Make them niggas kick up dust
Middle fingers up
Tell them niggas
Fuck off what
You just a homo dog
Cause your click is butt
NORE type of nigga play the cut

(Verse 4- JANE BLAZE)

J-A-N-E-B-O-N-D and Nore
Queens to that
Run you out your seat
It's like you're hearing Queens
Speaking , havoc on your cavoc
When we touch your streets
Brace yourself hold tight
Queen of jive
Strong arm
Yall dead beats fuck my size
The way I rhyme
Knock you off the witness stand
Like Matlock so yall can relax
While I rain and tide
Turning ash
When I make it scorchin hot
(What, what)


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