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"Murda 4 Life"

* also "Murda 4 Life" on Ja Rule's "Venni Vetti Vicci"

[Memphis Bleek]
Yeah, what y'all niggas want?
Street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja Rule
[Ja Rule]
Ya heard nigga

[Hook 1: Ja Rule - repeat 2X]
Niggas live with it money, drugs and murda for life
Bitches deal with it, only lovin' them hoes for the night
If you feelin' it, get high it's all right
But you can't get it 'til the day of my demise

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo, you can holla at the dog
Haters want to see me fall
Bitches want to see me ball
Killers they don't want to see me at all
If I wasn't rolling with the roc
Would you niggas pass roc
Share birds, or flash Glocks
I walk around with two mac's, razors, and ice picks
Just cause' you niggas want to see me hurtin' like them
It's all about the benjamins, money, cash, hoes
Livin' through this shit I'm in, nigga stack dough
Street scholar, eight-figga nigga, white collar gat
Ain't the M-E-M-P-H man, bitch holla back
I'm a creature smokin' on haze since it was reefer
Drug ass flow, like I've been cut with Ether
Mark ass nigga don't want parts of this nigga
Spark with this nigga, blaze bark with this nigga
Me and Ja Rule fuckin' you hoes is what these guys do
Ain't the type to buy you, mommy how are you?
Slide cock inside you supply you, with ten bitches times two
I'm a motherfucking animal

[Hook 2: Ja Rule - repeat 2X]
Niggas live with money, drugs, and murda for life
Bitches deal with it, only lovin' them hoes for the night
If your feelin' get high it's all right
Niggas can't get it 'til the day of my demise

[Ja Rule]
Fuck, the world cause it ain't quite ready for me
I'm livin' my life niggas take a look at these eyes witness What it's like to
Be real niggas
Guns, drugs, hot slugs, coke runs
Want some, get some, bad enough, pop some, nigga
Fuck around with Ja and may get hit up
Tearing your whole clique up, then we clip up
Nigga that's what the murder, Nigga that's us
What the fuck? Is you ready to die right now Nigga?
Make you feel my style nigga
Growin' up with wild Brook-'nam and Queens-isle niggas
Hit em, any nigga that breathe room riddle em wit' hot ones
Ain't no nigga like me, who you ridin' with?
Rollin' nothing but hot shit, yo' bitch my bitch
Only difference is bitches on my dick, blow dick
How I cock, spread it, hoes love that shit
You cel-a-bent I turn you in to the freakiest bitch
Have you topless, dancing in bars naked for dollars
Y'all bitches know how my style is, always in some foul shit
RULE bitch let the world know when I spit
Nothing but the murderous, live with it

[Hook 2]

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo, Yo, Yo Holla what you think of that?
Bitch where we freakin' at?
Bum chicken I don't speak to that
Fly mama i'll creep with that
Live with it, lick it and hit it, don't stop, get it get it
Don't trick it, bitch would you FUCK with it?
Brook-'nam and Queens(it's murda)yo it means mo' killas
(it's murda)mo' guns, mo'drugs, mo' real ass niggas
Holla, don't give a fuck dolla's
Niggas what you want get it crump blazed stump
What the fuck y'all want nigga?

[Ja Rule]
None of me cause' i hit em' with too much style
In my energy, got niggas creating little me's
I'm a lot game squeeze
Knowing it's my time if I leave and breathe
Niggas hatin' on mines I'm a nightmare
Niggas better prepare to die and deal with
Ja hollering murda for life

[Hook 2]

[Ja Rule]
Uh, uh, yeah nigga
Ja Rule
Memph Bleek
Holla Back
It's murda, it's murda
Uh, uh
We out

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