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"Street Life"

[verse one: Daz]
I come outta the dungeon, straight blastin'
Flashin' the cash and on niggas who be askin'
Taggin' up the wall, ballin' down a hall from the Pound, straight Dogg
No flaws, no jaws, I'll break yo jaw, represent the paw
What you seein' is what you never, ever, ever saw
What it means? Daz Dilly, Mr. Dillinger killin' ya, spittin' out ya guts
Make y'all niggas straight grab ya nuts
Tell me, holla at me, you real gangsta in khakis and Chucks
Ever since then, I was known not to give a fuck
You know when it's hard to touch
You getcha weapons witcha, get back, you will get clucked
I ain't.. pullin' no triggas, ya soul make ya heart and soul
Mind delivery, ya flakin' and perpetratin' and rock it up to flagrant
All ya niggas get down, I'll straight take ya
Livio and Mr. Bad Azz, Daz is a straight rider
All y'all niggas, get inside ya

[Chorus: Daz & Livio]
It's just the street life, that's how we live as a kid
Hoes and drop-top Benz, havin' major ends
It's just the street life, that's how we live as a kid
Hoes and drop-top Benz, havin' major ends
It's just the street life, that's how we live as a kid
Hoes and drop-top Benz, havin' major ends
It's just the street life, street life, street life
Play fights, fist fights, street life, c'mon

[verse two]

I'm changin' the whole game, I'm doin' my own thang
Addictive as cocaine and flamin' wit propane
Got to bang Pak Pros, use my muscle and mind
I got to get that dough, got to hustle and grind, shine!

[Bad Azz]
Once in the life of.. Mr. Bad
We ain't trippin' bout nothin', nigga, getcha cash
C'mon, here we go, let's go, Livio
Bad Azz smash, gotta getcha cash
Roll up big chronic blunts wit hash
And we gone be up all on 'em, get in they ass
Tell 'em we ain't trippin', girl, I don't love ya
I'm a jump under the cover, put.. a couple rubbers
On my dick, slick, yeah, you need to pick
Up, mo' dough next time you roll
Y'all niggas is whack, we ain't comin' back
To the spot no mo', kick dust, and we go
Yes, yes, y'all, old school like Schoolie D
Ain't none of y'all whack niggas foolin' me

You ain't that hot, I'll throw you behind me like a backdrop
What! Serve you like a fat rock off the crack spot
I'm Livio, I bring the truth up outta you like Mattlock
Play wit my cash, my niggas flash like a snapshot

[Bad Azz]
We the D-P-G on the end
Gangsta y'all, nigga, we'll 'C' at the end
And y'all niggas ain't trippin' bout nothin'
Cause if y'all is.. we gone get to bustin'
Rrrr, skirt out, get away from haters and
Get money, live life like players
Look, Mr. B-A-D got the smash
Nigga, we ain't trippin', I gotcha ass
I'm L-L-G, till I go
We ain't givin' a fuck, nigga, will I blow? You know


[verse three: Livio]
On your mark, get set, go! Hold on tight, don't let go
I bring like to Pak Pros, I grab mics and explode
When I get in direct mode and I'm sippin' the X-O
Representin' the West Coast and ya gettin' ya chest blown
Ya moves are miniature, I'm Livio, my styles are sinister
I don't bite, I'll hit ya if our sounds are similiar
I'm fast as twelve cylinders, R.A.W. like Daz Dillinger
Niggas wanna be me, they even forge my damn signature
When I spit at ya, that's the end of the game
My vocals travel through ya ears and get into ya brain
So if you thinkin' bout testin' us, I'm tellin' ya, think again
It'll get ten times worse if I decide to drink again
You can sink or swim, ya too tall or too small
I represent Westside and move more shit than U-Haul
I'm known to tease dickheads and leave 'em wit blue balls
Pick quick, you a bitch wit a dick like Ru Paul
Come and spit it in ya ear, you can ask Ras Kass
My business is personal like that nigga, Bad Azz
So just.. watch ya watch and know when it's time to go
I kick this shit for my niggas, I never rhyme for hoes
So what it be like, nigga, I'm still dodgin' these three strikes
I check niggas like G-Nikes and I live that street life, uh!

[Chorus: (2X)]

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