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"Plug Brothers: Moguls"

Real dudes

[Verse 1]
Who got Hov on the phone with Joe Crack
Me and Bleek had it all the way up, and that's that―What?
I'm doing food shows and a podcast
Got everybody watching like a car crash
I re-invented myself, you should applaud me
New [?]
And Drake and DMX had some old drama
40 hollered at slime, I made it no drama
I told Elliot, you shouldn't compete with me
Homie we both from Queens, you s'posed to eat with me
And you ain't even wanna help a lil' bit
And wouldn't give me Lyor emails
You asked me "why N.O.R.E.?" like you needed the details
Cause I'm a motherfucking mogul nigga
I get my self, my crew mobile nigga
Noble Dru Ali, we eat at Nobu nigga
Hold on let's make some noise for that guy, dammit
Fast forward I'm a motherfucking power forward
Royce Da 5'9" sober drinking that tapioca
And Reggie said he'd sue me, he my nigga still
You don't get that I'm petty and I'm a nigga still
And got love for those that I speak about
I'm O.G. with the sprinter and real reefer out
I started as a shooter I'ma leave a boss
CEO Pinot Grigio, greasy talk
Do it different, never weird
Sold coke the same color as Eric beard


[Verse 2: Memphis Bleek]
Sitting on the Benz selling crack nigga
Seen't Jay and Clark, told them I rap nigga
The next day I was that nigga
In the GS, Cristal on my lap nigga
Gold bottles and gold Rollies
The more money you make, the more you lose homies
Me and N.O. make a good day
Almost moved a million cases of that D'Ussé
Selling oil since nigga's wanna be gassed up
For the turmoil I'm known to go and mask up
Conversating with O.G. and Stoute nigga
That's the reason why I'm never in the house nigga
I'm always gone, I'm always gone, always been on
I put some people in position you don't even know it
I got some power in my hand and I don't even use it
About that Warehouse movement, it's bigger than music
And nigga's wanting me to talk more
I did a couple podcasts, now they want more
I been out the booth laying low off shore
But I been steering to the money so I'm on course
And shout out to them nigga's who ain't on board
You probably right now at home bored
And I been out here getting to the business
Mention Memphis I'm the outlet and the plug for nigga's


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