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"Chinese Girl"

If you don’t want [x8]

[Verse 1:]
I got a chinese bitch singing a hook
See chinese bitch willing to cook
I took her out for some soki and some sushi
She made it clear that she wasn’t a groupie
Yea sly let me tell you about my little movie
Yea i met a bad one in the city her name was sooki
Her best friend is haitian and she knew voodoo
I asked in the room if they eat poodo
She a bad chinese bitch i meant and that and then some
Then on canal street hearing the pin bun
Hopping out the 325 and the rims done
Thing we are going just like the little kim one


[Verse 2:]
I asked if she ate chi chi dong sing
Her chop stick is paint brush hard decko
We communicate through sign language
But we both smoke money that’s the same language
We were in the same thing monies was a plus
Her pops was a boss out in beijing
She move to america to go to school
But the videos made her fall in love with the thugs
And the loaders too
She said she came from loyalty
Back in Asia the bitch came from royalty
And she would jump off the roof for me
Run rings with the twins got loose for me


[Verse 3:]
Uh she had family in Cowiyi
So i took her to Huawei
We went surfing at Malibu
I smoked and cook straight out of the colli too
You were tricking i just hit her with game right
Now that my man finish the made me hit it the same night
And took a nigga shopping after all the spending
She gave me dome in the whip what a happy ending


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