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"G Shit"

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, stew these Ds am up to make cheese
No breakdown, move straight keys
All you see is them out of town Vs
Baby please, i’m gonna give them what they need
Call my bitch, tell her dish a couple pies out
Have a ride out, hit 9 5 south
A stake, got a honeycomb hideout
Move steps ahead, so what they gonna find now
Am out before they get her with
Smoke big spliffs, record a nigga chick (yeah)
Still getting money and all these niggas sick (they sick)
Cause their chicks be all upon the dick
Fuch a fake nigga, and real nigga shit
I’m the definition of what a real nigga is
Up 24/7 trying to handle my business
24/7 trying to scramble to live (yeah)

Men is the G shit, real G shit
That old G shit, don’t let the old G quit
Yeah, the whole G shit
Men is the G shit, real G shit
That old G shit, go low G quit
The old G shit
Yeah, Look

[Verse 2:]
G shit, I’ve been on some old G shit
Since I was yay high, now am way high off old G shit
These days, these dudes don’t keep it G shit
They rather hide behind gun and images, they can’t read it
Not me pimp, I was bread to keep it thorough
Closes thing to thorough you know was diamonds on your prolow
Am presidential as ever, kissing babies, taking selfies
Wherever the road take me I speed through it, can’t go slowly
I better hope they run the replay, or the slow mo
You can ask your girl about me, and I bet that she know
I get the party jumping like the whole crowd on pogos
Slow hit niggas where it hurt, lyrics such a low blow
Not your average raping Jo Schmo
There’s no distance I don’t go
When am stepping am just walking promo
Come take a pic with me, get your likes up on a new level
Come take some hits at me, bet you be up at the sky level
Let’s roll


[Verse 3: Grafh]
I do it all Baby
I’ll be right here while am fighting
Babble while am speeding
Posting while am smoking
Driving while am tweeting
My life is on the deep end
I like it on the edge
I got my gun under my pillow with your wife up in my bed
I got my Wii on loud, my rings on ice
My shades on dark, my chain on bright
I got my cup on purple, my cocaine on white
My screw is loose, they don’t be holding my brain on tight, no
I’m gonna hit you with this humdinger
Got all of my feelings in one finger
My name Grafh ho, I stash crack coke in my Versace bathrobe
Nigga my bitch bad though, you could really wait for
Your girl ass shots look like a shitty diaper
My last one night stand, you really liked her
My niggas act like rappid, they really sniper


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