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[Intro: Defari]
Yeah, I had to pop at my G prandah
(DJ EFN) Over here on the braille looking at the tracking
Crazy Hood, hey, and the rap game like the crack game

[Verse 1: Defari]
Let me begin, the DJ is EFN
If he is Crazy Hood, who’s crazy then
Got family in Miami, Hurricane went
This Los Angeles king in your local friend
West really though, G no hippy flow
Run hard, hit the ho, no tippy toe
Rock with me though, fuck with your bro bro
Putting records out since the days of the record store
Yeah, I’m good good, I got many more
I’m heavy in the hood, imma Chevy 4,54
These niggas ain’t good, these niggas weak, 3,65 all 52 weeks
Who’s your favorite now, gone debated now
That’s jahfari , that’s brother love, went to care
That’s Defari , that’s brother love, west bound
Feeling some kind of way, you sticking out your chest now
That’s alright though, there’s still love for you
You inspire me to do what the fuck i do (every day)
And if it wasn’t you and you,and him too
Then my motivation basically would be through

Hey, this for you, you and you and him too (yeah)
This for you, yeah
Hey, hey
This for you, you and you and her too
This for you, yeah
Hey, hey
This for you, (what?)
You and you and him too
This for you
Hey, hey, this for you
You and you and her too
You and you, and him too
(DJ EFN wad up?)This for you
Hey, hey, this for you
You and you and her too
You and you, and him too

[Verse 2: Cormega]
My motivation is a better way to live for my family
Loyalty is royalty, this is majestry
Blood, sweat and tears through the years
Actually, help prepare me triumph over tragedy
I graduated from gladiator academy
At the top of my class, so I convey reality
Rap so emphatically, grammatically
Set a new standards, actually rappers are use to front are in back of me
Am moving forward, pursuing goals to win, you lose your focus
Living a lie, dying inside as truth approaches
You’re suppose to salute, not dispute devotion to tradition
Skill and realism, my music is growing


[Verse 3: Boaz]
Am only here to inspire the youths
I feel like scarface, if a tell a lie, it’s the truth
We’ve been riding the coops that don’t require the roof
These industry niggas always quick to forget their crews
We men of respect, niggas better mind their manners
My gorillas hungry, can’t wait to peel their bananas
Was no cable box, momma just had the antenna
Now I’m at the light trying to pay cash for the Panamera
Hear my premonition, feel my intuition
Fast forward to the future, I’m just reminiscing
What am about to do to the game gonna be monumental
All my niggas global, we hustling into continental (we world wide)
We are boss nigga, fuck the monkey in the middle
Though so strong, I’m sending all the junkies to the spitter
Got them comatosing , got them over dosing
She was looking good, now she’s skinnier than both the Olsens
My old school got pretty paint with Noah Rosens
Cold blooded hustler with no emotions
You know i got to keep my shit all the way buttered
These niggas half way thugging and am all the way guttered


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