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Yeah, this is M1 aka M.A Holu (DJ EFN)
You know what I mean? Crazy Hood Productions
Beats in the Hood right here
We surviving
Dead Prez, Juvi, Trick, lets go

[Chorus:] [x2]
It’s called survival, only the strong can survive
You got to stay alive, you decide
If in doubt, cause if you doubt you die
First of all is step preservation
Gothless is deadly alienation
Long live the team, my dedication
Dead on arrival, fuck that
This survival

[Verse 1:]
I’ve been a grown man since a young boy
At sixteen I got emancipated, what I say is the truth my nigga
What you said is exaggerated, here we go
See them all, what’s that with, what’s at it daddy
They still love us, they waiting on us
Some people start to get aggravated
All they want is their real shit and Imma give it to them
Them pussy niggas going hate it and tell you don’t listen to them
I knew that niggas like that, like week he was flipping burgers
Would you believe that same lil nigga right there wanna pull back twenty murders
I’m cutting up and this bitch, my swagger on baking soda
My clip is big, my strap is thick cause I hate reloading
I said am strap, and am strap now while I spit this verse
Killing all my beat and these bitch ass niggas don’t kill me first

[Chorus] [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Been in the storm but made it out
Stayed about it and never faded out
By the skin of my teeth in the belly of the beast
Niggas dying in the street just trying to get free
Survival is the minimum
If you gonna play the game lets win it then
If you in the club, throw in them Benjies man
Make it rain on the schools that I children at
See what we need is a revolution, am gonna give it to them
The empire is on fire, it’s bare room
You think you been through it, we just getting into it
You been this far, park up into a lighter fluid
Tic tic tic, poof, that’s what the truth did
We destroy, we tear it down and bless the ground
And then we build, sharpen our skills and start a hell
We can’t promise, ain’t no telling where we going go
It’s a movie homie, lights, camera, action, start the show
I’m riding clean, my pistol clean, my diet clean
My pedigree revolutionary with a gangster lean
I keep it trill, it’s fairly first over everything
Survival skills, this is a deadly game
I am strapped up, I ain’t worry man
It’s real talk if you know the language, get motivated
Born and raised, been cultivated
Everyday survival is an ultimatum
It’s overrated being broke and the struggle
We suppose to hate it
We’re underdogs at the bottom of the bottom
We suppose to make it but we so tenacious
Endangered species, what bitch we still in this
Survival mode, just write a code, tril business
They are so grand and they might drowning, modern day linchers
Gotta save yourself cause our survival is lighter than inches

[Chorus] [x2]

[Verse 3]
I rather be riding round my dunk, heavy strap down my trunk
Then you be shot dead in the middle of the street,by one of you young chunks
Rather be doing time in jail, than serving life in hell
See you niggas ain’t my pills, from keffer kicking my drills
See am delegating and you sleep
Nigga sleep late and I won’t eat
But if i don't eat, I’ll lose weight and I’ll be playing with my faith
I swear my right hand to god, ain’t praying for no problems
But if I don’t get what I came to get, am coming back again against the wall
See I ain’t taking no losses, and I ain’t sharing no hickes
And I ain’t studying you bitches, but I ain’t sparing you niggas
And I ain’t leaving no witness, no ain’t leaving no witness
I got machine guns and assault rifles and I came to handle my business

[Chorus] [x2]

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