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Welcome to hell
Welcome to fail
The battle, the track murder, kill, kill, kill
With the gangs USA
We all day
Gettin killed [?]
We unholy
The belly of the beast get real [?]
In the gutter, the slums, let it kill
With the gangs USA
We all day
Gettin killed [?]
We unholy

[Verse 1:]
We in the belly, no hype on the camera
Planet of the apes, no amateurs
Neva been a fan a them
Police stay
Yellow tape the parameters
Mop up the screen, no janitor
Sinister, grill on the bar heads still
Cause the block's gettin real
Murder kill, kill, kill
Better kiss Rosey [?]
Soldiers of Beyond Creek
Nothin on the real hood story
Ya’ll be [?] thuggin [?]
The middle east
Any ghetto USA, where they do spray
And p-pune on the [?] all day
Welcome hell where the devil dwell
And it never end up well
Rap still kill [?]


[Verse 2:]
Yea you unholy
I throw my guns slowly
Your son owe me then don run the rolly
Where I’m from we run from the police
Screamin no peace, in the low east
Where niggas go beast
Rockin the low fleece
Then go to east to the parkway
Where killas park day
380s in the dark way
Leavin ladies on the parkway
From a dark place that make your heart race
Just got away from an armed chase
With guns in my guitar case
Where I’m from you blast many guns
Ask anyone, blast anyone
I pass anyone
They say you see your life flash when you’re done
You in hell cause he got a blast mask when he come
When he come he comin for that life
I’m in the benz with the runnin lights
Lights shinin like the son of christ
It’s the comin of a crisis
When shot from my gun devices
Turn men into runnin mices


[Verse 3:]
What’s the jucks nigga bout that life
Crown heist come about that ice
It’s [?] season
Night squeezing, black heavin
So devilish
Bulls eye direct hit, nigga I neva miss
[?] on the beam, loco on your team
I let it go and leave guns smoke on the scene, nigga
Rusty axesaw
Spaz on the track more
Wanna meet you maker
I’m gon give you what you ask for
Face on the t-shirt, candles in the lobby
Close casket way shots riddled you body, unholy
The brook naw streets so ill
The violent, the track murder, kill, kill, kill
But still, the cops can’t control the back block
Scenes lined up overnight for the crack spot, to open
Cause they coppin them jays nigga
Drums, dimes, nicks and trays nigga
We out here


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