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"Rap Rushmore"

We on top of the world
On top of the game

[Verse 1: Nature]
Yo, Yo
I turn it up like the stove on
In Miami Marvin’ out with whole bomb
I got fiends that been waiting for a whole month
Niggas still tryna sell them what they don’t want
I run around higher than the age rate
Big 9s on my side never aim straight
100 grams but it’s looking more like 6
5 rounds with the champion the fight’s fixed
4 EPs dropping in the same year
3 Clubs a night, Henny in the same year
2 Hoes a town when we on a world tour
Everyday been the same since ‘04
Money, money, money, money, money, money, credit
Getting too much of it now we burn it up or shred it
Spend it in the strip club or may then we bet it
Top of the game now I wonder where we headed

[Verse 2: N.O.R.E]
This is New York, guerilla rhymes
Stop signs, killer crimes
Old niggas reminisce, dream bout the benefits
Talk about they day when they was doin they shit
Hand to hand fights all day we just spray shit
Nowadays they do a crime on Vine
Record they own self, evidence for one-time
The reason you got caught with your work
Because you was on Instagram with the same damn shirt
I don’t like niggas checking ma phone
I got dick pics that I send to dick chicks
Chicks drink cum like a mystic
I ain’t going trip shit
I just rip shit
Stripper bowl, tip shit
I used to have a chick named Monica
All she wanted do is run drills with Veronica
Always had something in her mouth, thermometer
Fuck it, a 100 miles per hour

[Verse 3: Capone]
I been one to have these new niggas under my left arm
Flow game weak like they balls is stepped on
Duffle gang niggas get hogtied
Paper never passing me by like the far side
You can either get a soft 9 or a hard 5
Play your cards right you be like Diamond, those large piles
Ball for ball, I’m a prison dawg you a halfway house
Pump with the smoking nigga pull an ashtray out
Since 96 been a bull in the game like Hinrich
They fighting in the lab im in the streets with 9 bricks
Still puttin in work all I need is a hard hat
I’m flying in a new G5 on the tarmac
Every time you see me in the street know I’m walking with the heat
I ain't talking Lebrons on my feet
Fucking with made men, there’s dons on the beat
Give me whatever promise and be gone in a week

[Verse 4: Cormega]
I’m rising up the in line
With rhyming but
Lining up the father of rhyme
Punk if you try to front
I give em some bullshit
I’m talking the years Michael one
Numbers don’t lie it’s clear I’m not the one
Peep the structure I’m built different I bought a house
So field niggas can chill in it
My realism is rare
If you don’t feel me deal with it
I’m so focused on winning I don’t know what failure is
Not acceptable I acknowledge the big picture
My arts impeccable even my arms immeasurable
Dope schemes, short range, ply for revenue
Dollars reign supreme don’t bow to ineptitude
I’m a very lyrical unique individual
Livin’ free ever since I cut the beat’s umbilical
Visual, but niggas can't see me
I’ve been the truth, no lie
Killin cause i’m playing by different rules

Yo NORE should I hold back cause
Some of these suckas in the crowd wanna hear
We got gas to get that strip, moving a fast lip
Before rap my name was ringing in the projects

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