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"Float (Intro)"

Hardest Nigga
G'd Up

[Verse 1]
Ignorant niggerish, holiday shootin at the cigarette
While the shit is lit in yo mouth
And you gotta be kiddin me nigga
I’m like an Italy nigga
On some mob shit, figure me out
Can’t stop me, I’m Luca Brasi
From the book, not the picture though
You ain’t choking me, I keep the nickeload
The Kansas made for Nicolo and me too
Lighting weed that's way greener than pea soup
Wronger than the oil from the tea tree
Staying alive, Playing the Bee Gees
Nigga take it easy
And my new name is D RAH
Hard spelled backwards If you soft pray to Isa
I’m a genius and a retard
Just the other day I stopped to piss onto D's car
You sweet and your heart pump Kool Aid
Block might take off yo top, like it’s a toupe
Probly blowin booty, mixed with the sour
Riff right now will get you clipped in a hour
If it’s 1 that’s 2, get hit with the 3, 4 times
5 star General coming through (Do the math!)
S P the ghost and Scram Jones
You don’t want your brains on your man’s phones
You don’t want my niggas in your fam’s home
Won’t see shit like you caught up in a sandstorm

SS S P the ghost
5 star general, you die if you try me

Now I'm getting any nigga in the city murdered
SS S P the ghost
Wasn’t me, I was smoking weed with his bodyguard
Motherfucker, this is beast music
All these rappers is food, I feast to it

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