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""Fugazi" Introducing Sincere"

[Produced by: Statik Selektah]

[Verse 1: Sincere]
Yo, yo, yo, verbal assasin, you feel me
See it's a Don's job, miraculous montage
[?] we shacklin' pom-poms
The cheerleaders, sheer cheetas appear reaping the game

Career steepers appear peeping your dame
Steer cheaps on the deer creeping your lane often
Main park and the slain stalk your chain sparkling
Desire hotness, higher process, higher hospice diagnostics for you
It's fuck-free, I need solace
Clean polisher, cheap knowledge, Rashee Wallace, get it
Put a hole in your top
Never mind, hold the medal like magneto, a black beetle
A tech lethal, attract kilo o' coke I'm that dope
I pack needles for the project junkies
It's sardonic,star sonic, scar evolve chronic
The vino nights, cause she knows dykes
But she knows where the nino type
Indefinite [?] to send messages grin hectic for the ends
The pen pressed against the notebook
Coach rooks to beat veterans
Breath metal and reach settlement over dollars
I'm over dollars like an older scholar
Rode a collar working a stove, they drove Impala's
Known for dodging the 5-0
Dropping the lines like I'm done with coke and women
She's doper than [?], probably bout to glow brick cause the boat spit to Venice

[Break: Sample]
It's a fugazi, how do you know it's a fugazi? (them fucked up seconds). Well it's a fake,... (Yeah, I know what a fugazi is). Hey pal, you wanna see something. Imma show you something

[Verse 2:]
Welcome to the mega mechanisms
Heckle the Jeckle rhythm the riddles is civil the rhythm is pessimism
I let them listen to mr. Hot, Since in his pride
So listen to [?] being a riddle god, little guy
Trying extra, he was getting fly like [?]
Hide your corvex with the best GR song in a minute
Headed home with a pinhead
Whether dome from the women, cause they love you know
Fetish grown and I'm sinning, the grief felt
I know that indie help would only just plead my dad to drink
So maybe he need [?] before he drowns in his own pity
I'm easing my mind dome
Peace when I find home, leasing that line long, decent a con
Hoping that he would be Sean Combs

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