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"I Love U"

Verse 1:
I wish I never told you you should leave
I wish me and you never had my seed
No I better stop it that's a lie, cause you were the apple of my eye
It took a little time for me to see, that I need you right here next to me
I could let you walk away but I'm not goin out that way

Not that way no
Not goin out that way, cause can't be with you,can't breathe without
You, I'm beggin you to stay(StaYY) please stay(STAYY)

I love you, even though I said that you could leave me
I wanted other chances to adore you
I still believe in you and me(i love you)
I could take the time, take the time to see
Cause I don't wanna have to live my life in misery
I wasn't ready for you to set me free
Don't give our love away

Verse 2:
Words cannot describe how I feel about you
Only heaven knows how much I do
Girl I'd put my own life on the line
I'd cherish and protect you with my life
All that shit I said, I didn't mean
I'd die without your love baby if you leave
I could let you walk away but baby im not goin out that way..

Not that way
Not goin that way, Cause I can't be without , can't breathe without
I'm beggin you to stay


All my life, (sacrificed for you) sacrified
What lies inside was enough for me to die
Cause I can be without you, can breathe without you
I'm beggin you to stay, please stay


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