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"This Could Be Love"

Enlightening, frightening
Always exciting
The timing has gotta mean this could be love
It's crazy, amazing, embracing
It takes me till I'm free
Maybe this could be love

Verse 1
Oh, I cannot sleep at night
Dream about you all day
Love is such a crazy thing like snowflakes in the spring
Yeah, I mean I'm feeling you

Beautiful underestimates my feelings when it comes to you
The world stops turning when you're present and I know it's true
Because no one can make me feel like you do
So special to me, unique baby


Verse 2
Oh, I feel it in my heart
I feel it in my soul
You are like a seed to me
Someday our love will grow
Yeah, I mean I'm feeling you



This love, this joy
It takes me away to a place where it lies a reflection
Never ever
My heart, my dreams are always with you
And this feeling is new
All this could be love

Chorus x2

This could be love, this could be love...

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