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"Big Business pt.2 (Bigger Business)"

Ladies and gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen)
As we proceed, to give you what you need
Swizz Beatz (get money) Swizz Beatz (make money)
Swizz Beatz (get money)

[Ron Isley sings Hook]
Hey ladies, can I get a witness?
Throw your hands in the air
Throw your hands in the air (yeah! yeah!)

See I go to Las Vegas and I ball like a dog
Me and my brother CD hog up the mall
Mami so fly and I matched her car
Matchin' mink with the matchin' dog
We flew G4 so you know how we ball
We came twenty inches, just me and my dogs
Me, Puff, and Kiss, the Swizz-a-sweet boys
The birdman daddy I fly in any car
It's the Birdlady baby and she Burberry Burberry
So so fly her diamonds are all karats
Earring rock her life so fly
She love twenty inches with the wide deep tires

Hey ladies, can I get a witness?
Lah da da da da-da
Tell 'em what they dealin with
Throw your hands in the air
Throw your hands in the air (yeah! yeah!)
Hey fellas, tell 'em what they dealin with
Big house (throw your hands in the air) big boats
Big cars (throw your hands in the air) superstars

I'm from a town where it go down at
Couple dudes is real but for the most part they low down rats
And I don't know about the ghetto they hearin'
I'm in the musty yellow McClaren
You can't even tell how I'm steering
It's too exotic, niggas act different kinda' funny
I guess it's cause I'm dealin' wit a different kind of money
And I don't wanna drive it if it cost under 2 cent
And even though I hate they force me to get the new Bent
Assholes, my passport is like castrolls
Y'all niggas still tryin' to pass go
You know I throw darts like a bow and a arrow
Remember this, the business is big and so is the barrel, what


I got a large house, a dog house in my backyard
And even my doghouse got a backyard
Big cars, cigars and big biscuits
The kid is doin' it big, it's "Big Business"
My bosses in here, whores is in here
The Murciélago doors in the air yeah
The dough I be grippin' it all up
The 'dro I be getting I'm twistin' it all up
The flows I be flippin' and switching 'em all up
And the hoes I be hitting be lickin' it all up
The new kid on the block, admit it it's hot
Cause I'm great like the late Pun, Biggie, and 'Pac

[Snoop Dogg]
Fa' shizzle dizzle
It's Big Snoopy D-O double Gizzle
Wit my nephew Swizzle, you know it's off the hizzle
I got to pop it for ya, knock it for ya, rock it for ya
Do it on the strip of love, you ain't got to call my lawyer
Chop a sucka' down for ya like I'm Tom Sawyer
Chip-chip away, Ruff Rydin' everyday
See on the East Side we slide on a different page
And get 100 thousand everytime we hit the stage
Keep a gauge, just incase you wanna act up
Cock back, and go back up - back up
So stop trippin' off, your breezy
Look, I'm not Mr. Big but I'll let you down easy


Swizz Beatz - get money
Swizz Beatz - make money


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