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"If I Could"

Verse 1:
I can't believe, You were the girl
No one ever wanted to be with kiss,hold,or do a thang
Real thin so shy really not my type no
There was no future for us girl honestly
It's been a while I ask myself how could this be
This girl is hot she's looking so damn good to me
Tried to approach her but her feelings they have changed
She's not checkin for me

Hey there luv
You're lookin better than you did before
Ooh I never meant to hurt you
Sometimes I sit and wish I didn't ignore ya
Ooh I'd change it if I could

Verse 2:
What do I do for you to even notice me
See me tryin to hard to win your heart
Did I hurt you all that bad?
Been two years and you're still mad Shawty tell me
Never did I feel this way before
So many dimes I've been through never thought that cupid had a bow for me
Til the day you passed my mama's door
I didn't really mean to hurt you baby
So won't you please come back?
Repeat Chorus

You got me in a state of disbelief
I didn't know you were working with something
Saw your boy been frontin (no)
Repeat Chorus Out

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