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A Night In Texas

"War Born"

Born into horrific war torn society
Brainwashed from birth, fed views of belief
Before they can even speak
Appalling third world conditions
A beautiful world they cannot envision

Extremists forged and created
A culture lost generation
Rebel held east, the opposing side forces siege
Catastrophic demeanor carnage
Until they all surrender
Radicalized, demeaning lives filled with lies
Disregard for all people, only tyrants survive

Infiltrated by an authoritative force
Death awaits all
Blood lust for war
Total annihilation
Bloodshed, this terror nation

Hatred filled agenda
Corrupted by exposure
To extremist propaganda
War fought for millennia

The radicalized seek to convert and corrupt the minds
Identity lost, becoming emotionally volatile
A strong conviction that their culture cannot be justified
Refugees flee, these scenes of atrocity
Wars fueled by political agenda and ideology

Terror imposing, self exploding
Dying for no logical reason
Territories divided and buried with sacred land traditions
Attrition, beaten into submission

Ruthless autocracies
Motivated by hatred, armed forces deploy
Havoc and anarchy
There's no freedom in this war-torn civilization
All human rights amputated
Threats of nuclear warfare arise
Set to marginalize their feeble lives

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