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Isaac Hayes

"Iron Veil"

[Verse 1: Lil' Infected]
Crooked Smiles with their twisted mouths
I know what y'all been laughing bout
I shout for the sandman to come out the clouds
Annihilate the crowd
Without a sound, a pile of dust can try and hate me
But lately, I've been feelin' like my enemies evaporating
I have created my own nemesis
From all of the shit, I hate by myself
I will raise him in the pits of hell
Let him dwell in the poison
As well as he sells me my soul back
I swallow it whole
I got a stack of them shits in the back of the sticks
Me and Slick got the crucifix picked
Set fire to liars, and then they get zipped
The higher I get the more I start to drift

[Verse 2: Yung Heath Ledger]
I'm burning the city and producing toxins
Life ain't no option
I'm on suboxone fucking rotten
But fuck that topic
Seeing you like optics in my vision
Cut the incision
With no deliverance
Say your penance
Got no provisions
Kill them all
They call me Chucky;
Blade up in my hand
Murder, murder bitch my life is lived up on the lamb
Rising up from hell Revelations in the flesh
Always looking friendly until I grip the fucking tec

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