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"Loving You"

[Verse 1]
Would you mind if I took the time to get to know you
Because it's been a while since all we've been through
And even though I said my feelings wouldn't change
Nothing stays the same, ooh

I could see when I look in your eyes you mean no harm
It's just the way you manipulate me with your charm
And I can tell the love I have for you is still strong
And there isn't nothing wrong with me still loving you

After all that we've been through (Ooh)
I find myself still loving you (Yeah)
But I think we need to take the time to get back
Because I never get up on a good thing
I never give up on the love we had (Ooh...ooh...)
We just need to take it slow

[Verse 2]
In the past you would act as if you don't really care
You would fight and argue almost anywhere
Looking back sometimes I feel like such a fool
For putting up with you, boo

Baby, please understand me if it seems I'm confused
It's just it might take me some time to get used to
When I think of all the things we used to do, baby
I just find myself still loving you


[Verse 3]
I believe you and me have a chance to make this right
Oh, baby, if your heart is in it, I'm still with it
Even after all this time has passed
Oh, I'm still loving you


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