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Busta Rhymes

"Intro- The Abstract and the Dragon"

[Intro: Busta Rhymes]
We here, the abstract and the dragon
I don't even know where to start
You know me and tip, we've been friends
Brothers for like 26 years
Phife, Ali Shaheed, Jarobi, leaders of the new school
This is where it all started
Theirs something about whenever me and Kamaal
AKA the abstract, AKA Q-Tip, when we come together
It's that unconquerable
It's that unstoppable
It's that undefeatable
It's that unkfuckwitable
Representing that real hip-hop
That real boom bap
And thank you
Shouldn't be a more apporopriate title to name that
And we thankful for ya'll
For the first time it's official
The Abstract and The Dragon
You know this is a gift from us to ya'll
Something to hold ya'll over for the holiday season
Bringing that real feel good boom bamp shit back to life
We gone get back to that

I don't even know man
This is like a dream come true man
We in here with the gods man
I gotta stand up for this man
You know this is that life changing music here
Q-Tip man, like me being from Queens, this is an honor man
And then Busta my brother right here man
And what what takes so long for you two, cus i feel like
You two would have an album done together
You know like, we done seen the stage shows and everything
And the love is abundantly clear

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