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Busta Rhymes

"Untitled 13"

Remember, only you can tell which sounds are correct to your ears in your environment
Your equalizer provides you with the means to make any and all corrections that you in your new capacity as audio playback engineer determine to be the most accurate
Say again, welcome

Jesus, the beat is cut in pieces like pizzas
When he grab the mic deez nuts said "please squeeze us"
He told 'em "hold up", after the punchline
Single file rappers with dull rhymes and ugly shines
In the ring with the frizzy bearded grizzly bear
He win the thing with an exquisite rare dizzy stare
Gimme here, I'll show ya'll how to do it right
When he put the mask on he screw it tight, it's stupid light
True story, you can ask Uncle Nu

I didn't know that was you

Dreams the heat beam is like a laser level
Aim it 'til it straighten out, do your best to graze a devil
Bass and treble peakin', make sure they even
Be fakin' more and he break her jaw and teeth in
Leavin' creepin'
No time for weepin' and grievin', deep in breathin'
Keepin' on believin', it don't matter
Honing on the data
In the zone zonin', ownin' microphone chatter
Batter, swing

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