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Busta Rhymes

"Head Bust"

[Hook: Pharrell]
See him laying there, on the concrete
Listen hard enough, you can hear his heart beat
His arms spread out, let the crowd rush
Stand back nigga, don't get your head bust. (x3)

[Verse 1: Shark City Click]
I rep VA, 'til I decay
Huntersville, part of Norfolk where we stay
I play the blocks and the cops want to tease me
I'm in the pots and my partners is greasy
I walk the streets with the knife that the Reaper carry
If you ain't heard about it, read the obituary
You get late, you better leave cause it's very scary
Have you calling on Jesus like Mary Mary
It's a Saturday night, 92 degrees
I got a cup of those, I need a few of these
Sharks round up, niggas 'bout to roll
Let's fuck this clown up, nigga got to go
Fuck that hot shit, nigga I got this
I have his mom and pops on Hospice
Your lifetime running out, heard the clock tick
You can watch this, I will not miss


[Verse 2]
Imagine how tough it is to run for your life
When you're under that knife, when your lungs get tight
And your grandma calling you to come to that light
And you know you want to hug her, but something ain't right
I'm giving you a shark-eye view as I lead on
Speed or get peed on, Norfolk's a free zone
Huntersville, Amsterdam, I am the candy man
News crews come through, we fuck up the camera man
Gambler's gambling, families are scrambling
Call up the ambulance, prepare for the avalanche
Mr. Treat-you N-double-O-S-E
Test me, chest be wet as a jet ski
Address me, suggest he best be on best behavior
No savior, nothing can save your
Make a hater go to his maker
I’ll break ya then take ya under some acres
You dig?


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