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Empire of the Sun

"Sweet Sixteen"

[Verse 1: Tony Leon]
Two cars passing in the night
Two lost lonely people inside
I wanted to hold you tight
Or get away...
Your mind's beautiful but I'm losing mine
"Yeah I'm fine" is my favorite excuse
I've been where you've been
And I mean what I say
And I'm saying what it is

Just take me back
Take it back
What is that?
Just take it...take it back...

[Verse 2: Tony Leon & Nate Ruess]
I wanna hold you tight
'Cause these days turn to shit in the night
I want your lips under your waist
Ooo, just go away
Ooo, go away
Or take it..take
Take it Back
(Just take it back)

[Guitar Solo]

[Outro: Tony Leon]
And you cry all the time
And I know that these days, they don't go where we want
And I can't feel my heart anymore

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