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Too $hort

"Record Company Skit"

(ringing phone)
Conglomerate records?
Let me speak to the president of the company
You mean mr Solomon ?
Yea Ralph
He’s in a conference call right now, Who’s speaking?
Mc Flyby night
Oh Fly! let me see if he’s available. Here Fly

What? What is it Fly? I’m on a conference call
Man what kind of shit is this? man I get a letter in the mail you talking about you dropping me and shit?
You ain’t dropped me when I sold em three million copies last year, you didn't drop me when my video was number one
What kind of shit is this ! ?
Fly its over, the buzz is gone, you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame
What the fuck you talking about fifteen minutes of fame ? its my life you talking about, you trippin’
Fly, we reevaluated your market position and we just felt that you don't have it in you anymore you’ve got a bad attitude
You don't sign the autograph people complainin about you
You know the new single its just not the heat you know the way the other ones did, its not coming back
Back? whatchu mean it ain't coming back?
Oh boy
You gotta explain to me it ain't coming back
Its not coming back Fly! you’re three hundred thousand unrecouped
Ok?! you got through walking papers and it is what it is ! you can go somewhere else just go !
Whatchu mean go ? go somewhere else ? Fuck you!
Fuck you too bro
(hangs up phone)

I know this motehrfucker ain't just hung up in my face
Pfew dang
That nigga did you bad hahah damn

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