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Too $hort

"Only That Real (Remix)"

[Hook: IamSu!]
I'ma throw this money (don't stop, go crazy)
I'ma make it back (don't stop, go crazy)
Said I'ma throw this money (don't stop, go crazy)
I'ma make it back (don't stop, go crazy)
Only that real shit, that's what I'm talking about (x4)

[Verse 1: IamSu!]
Fontainebleau, M-I-A
You can hang with us baby but you cannot stay
Bitches love a nigga you would think I'm Trey
I told her throw it back for a R-A-C-K
Don't stop get it get it one time for real
I know you got big dreams on your mind for real
I heard you trying to sing, do wanna sign a deal?
You wanna fall back, just take your time and chill
I be out in New Orleans like please believe me
If you really fucking with me say "Yeah" like Jeezy
Ooh yeah, you like that I like that too
She got kicked out the club I brought her right back through
I got the juice like that, I could get away with murder
And if you ain't knowing you should go ahead and learn it
Burn it, hot shit, cut it out like a surgeon
I'm splurgin' on fly shit 'til the day that they bury me


[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I used to have a Lamb' Gallardo
Now I got a 'Ventador
Fell in love with a bitch from Oakland
Ain't got fucked like this before
Bad bitch, had to buy a crib in the Bay
She introduced me to that Mac Dre
I introduced her to that Act, right
Fucked her on the first night, bitch I get that sack right
I'ma hold my dogs down if I don't do nothin' else
With them hoes around, we won't hit nothin' else
Money on the ground, mean we lean, shit fly
When them haters around, them young boys gon' fire
Bang, bang, I may pull up in a Brinks truck
M on that new shit, real nigga, link it up
Get my work from Colombia


[Verse 3: French Montana]
See what I'm talkin' 'bout?
All money comin' in, no money comin' out
Stack it to the roof, child rip the ceiling out
Shawty head stupid, back seat dumbin' out
New studs cost about 3 homes
Got the strip club jumpin' like Meech, homes
She a model but stripper on a Friday
Bend it over, Chris Lighty, I'ma violate
Gettin' to this money now, why wait?
See a young pimp shinin', homie, why hate?
All this money, you still owe us money
NY to the Bay, gettin' all this money


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