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Too $hort

"Playa Fo Life"

[Verse 1: Beeda Weeda]

So many pretty girls, poppin pink bottles
Plottin on that pretty pearl
Get it poppin' get it rockin' yeah its your world
Tryna get cha to the house I'm looking for a go girl
Get it get it go girl, take it to the floor girl
I'ma beat it up and let you tell it to my old girl
Playa fo' life, I ain't thinkin' a wife
I ain't thinkin' it twice, bitch I'm thinkin' tonight
Green light she ready, we on that Rozay heavy
We going straight to the house it ain't no need for the telly
I'm steak, eggs, n jelly, bitch I'ma fill that belly
She like "Beeda you nasty!" I'm like "Bitch you ready?"
I'm like Snoop fo' sho, I don't love these hoes
And only two can roll, cause I love my folks
See I was born to mack, big dick, big house
And by 6 In tha mornin I be kickin' em out


Hey pretty girl come stay the night with me
But in the morning yes bitch you've got to leave (bye)
And no I can't be your man
I'ma be a playa fo' life
I'ma be a playa fo' life, bitch
I'ma be a playa fo' life
I'ma be a playa fo' life

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]

She love it when I grab those hips
I don't know her name but I had those lips eh
Fuck it chu' a bad lil' bitch
Got a ass so fat that her pants gon' rip ugh
And I can tell your man ain't shit
Cause she told me ya'll date but she say it ain't shit uh
And you know I be laying that stick
I be hitting home runs you be paying that rent
Yeah I took her to my office the girl just lost it
Short came through and you know the bitch tossed it
Why you always ask how much shit costin'
Real money know that chu ain't even gotta floss it
My Roley don't tick and you wasting my time
I want chu' home girl look I'm changing my mind
I really live what I say in my rhymes
And I never chase hoes, gotta stay on my grind like ah

[Chorus x1]

[Verse 3: Too Short]

You want the keys and the codes
To the house and the safe, spending sprees at the store
But bitch, I don't shoot hoop I shoot bitches to the left
I charge these hoes for the game and the dick
I'm from the O-A-K
So I already know what the hoe gon' say
I need to lock her down, and wife her up
But I don't wanna marry her, I just like to fuck
When your mother was a young thang, I knew her
Even back then, I ain't wanna do her
And now, I don't fuck cougars
Your daddy was a player man, why you such a loser
It's the game, and I'm a player for real
Not the NBA, or the NFL
I make deals, I'm on a life long hustle
Gettin' this money, lil' bitch I don't trust you

[Chorus x1]

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