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Too $hort

"Can't Get Down"

High on drugs, can't get down

[Verse 1]
Everyone's cracked out but me, is it 1983?
Babies need the white fluff powder
So they can stay on their knees for hours
Just admit you got a problem
It's snowing in Miami, ask Don Johnson
Meanwhile in the Golden State
There's an old blonde bitch stortin' H
Getting (high) like Kate Moss did
Losing contracts for their modeling gigs and shit
And it's a shame when a size 6 bitch lose her tits just for a hit
That's life in the diamond lane
Mommy's hiding cocaine from her kids in the Range
Most bitches are a waste of time
Just whip out your tits and sniff some lines

High on drugs, can't get down
Dirt Nasty don't rap for free
Unless you hold the crack a week
High on drugs, can't get down
Get enough of movie stars
Doing drugs with [?]

[Verse 2]
Rehab is more packed than Walmart
With 16 year old kids with coke farts
Your folks are onto ya
They know you're smoking more than that ganja, homes
Granny's crying in the attic cause her granddaughter is a fucking crack addict
Speed addict, gotta have it
These bad habbits got your back on a mattress
Now you're selling speakers out the back of the van
You cock craving tweaker
It's the new epidemic
Hypodermic needles inserted by lesbians
Taking off your top for rock
And pops caught you stripping at the body shop
Bitch even gave him a lap dance
Two for one special, he came in his pants


I used to have all the babies on my block sucking my dick
But I done sniffed it all way up my nose, man
Now I ain't got shit 'cept these tube socks
That's right baby, that's Dirt Nasty

[Hook x2]

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