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Too $hort


[Verse 1]
From the day we met up until right now
If I wanted that girl I always knew how
To find her, and get her, and take her home
Getting everything I wanted when we're all alone
Everytime I see her it's time to toss
I'm walking in the door taking everything off
Cause I know I'll get it call now and later
Call me $hort homeboy and I'm a stone cold player

[Verse 2]
She was mine and yours, but more and more
She was giving that funk to the playboy $hort
Wanting money, but maybe it was just the fact
The life I live made me the king of the rap
Everytime I see her you know I take her
Straight to her house and then I break her
If I don't see baby, she'll give me a call
For the same old freak show having a ball


[Verse 3]
Now she's a tender, a star, an angel in white
My wildest dream on a Saturday night
My freak of the week, best pick of the day
If I like it like that, it will be that way
Now everytime I see her she be doing it soon
Like ninety on shorty in a motel room
She's the one I can't resist
And everytime I see her I tell her like this



[Verse 4]
She'll be coming 'round the mountain 'bout ten to eight
Tryin' to hook me up on a late night date
And I'll be right there homie when I open the door
Saying baby oh baby are you ready for more
Everytime I see her you know what I mean
We in the back like that doing sexual things
Same ol' freak show all them moves
Call me $hort homeboy and I just can't lose

[Verse 5]
Stone cold freakin' dressed in lace
The finest young tender in the whole damn place
Baby so fine I keep telling myself
I want the young tender under my love spell
Didn't waste one second, to take a chance
I walked up to her and asked to dance
Baby said yes, we hit the spot
My rap came on and the freak got hot

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