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Too $hort

"I Must Confess"

Girl I must confess, your love is the best
Cause all we wanna do is put this dick in you
Girl I must confess, cause your love is the best
All we wanna do is put this up in you

Verse 1:
When I first saw you, I couldn't stop watchin you
I couldn't stop thinkin bout how I should be knockin you
All I wanna do is holla at you later
Handle my business, you know I'm a player
I've never been a hater, I shouldn't be faultin you
But you got me laughin at the nigga you talkin to
I guess you like squares, whats up with tonight?
Like 2Pac says you need a thug in your life
A nigga like me, I'll beat that pussy up
Have you at the house doin all kinda freaky stuff
Ain't nuttin new to me, watcha wanna do to me
I know you ain't no groupie, givin up the coochie
But I got deep in your drawls anyway
I'll get it again, if I want it any day
I got that game from the coast out west
Your pussy's the best, I must confess


Verse 2:
I can't sleep at night, you always keep me up
Suckin on my dick, let me deep in them guts
I can't stop fuckin you, runnin all up in you
I know you got a nigga but you still know what to do
You never hold back, never act shy
Make it look so good I never close my eyes
I like the way your titties shake when your ridin me
You take it out lick it and say put it back inside of me
And thats what I'mma do bitch, give you this true dick
Bring all your girlfriends, and we can do this
I got alot of homies, and we all got game
Y'all can hang with them squares but its not the same
I won't take you to the movies or a fake club
I take you straight to my house get naked and fuck
$hort Dog'll never settle for less
I must confess, you got the best


Verse 3:
I keep a gang of hoes on my team at all times
Let a nigga know that the pussy's all mine
Hit it on the regular, you know I'm good for that
Top notch bitches, even fuck them hood rats
Take her to the mansion, take off the pants then
Kidnap the pussy and hold it for ransom
But none of them bitches can fuck like you
Hit me on my beeper you know I'm comin through
Just like that, always was and always will be
I'll get ya wet, and then you gonna feel me
Way up in ya, not far from Virginia
Stick it in your mouth on the way down south
So when you get home and smell the cum on your breath
Go in the bathroom and play with yourself
Your pussy's the best, I must confess
Whenever your horny I got a "S" on my chest


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