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Too $hort

"Gettin Some Head (Remix)"

You know we had to do a remix right


Hood anthem
Let's go, Whoa!
Hey who'd have ever thought this would make it to the radio
Shawnna you a fool for this one
Ha ha, special shout out to Bill Clinton

I was gettin some head, gettin gettin some head
I was gettin some head, gettin gettin some head
I was gettin some head, gettin gettin some head
I was with the kind of girl that make ya toes pop

Weezy back of the Phantom tell him driver dont look
I tell her do ya thang and when you finished write a book
I sit back in the chair and then i break out the kush
I hope she like banana cuz i got that fruit by the foot
She say she love me well i love her when the lights dim
You can depend on her to catch it like a tight end
Santa Claus, I leave her wit a white chin
Yes I get alot of neck like a violin
85 on the bridge hat to the side
23 inch Yokahamo flats on the ride
Young Stunna baby girl is ya up on it
They go so hard man i gotta wear a cup on it
I'm the hottest thang around and if she like to catch then I'ma take the mound
She said she don't do it but i am not a clown
If i get her to my room, she goin down


Man i make a feign for that blow
They be pumpin the p-p be pumpin them hoes
Stick out they ass, look how they tell me just go
You ain't fuckin wit me when it come to these hoes
Blast fast across the chin
What im sayin to them man i dont pretend
Push one button...have the poor bitch dunkin
Keep it goin like the grill in the air fuckin
She's a freak she wants E's and the purple dro
Show her keys in the sturtigo shertigo
She said hurt her though, in the cervical
She mean murder though, give her vertigo
Ball-a-g, ain't no apology
Wanna have a couple words but apology
Man i seen ya sports car but its smaller b
The enzo is outside for you all to see
Nigga look at my chain, look at my rings
Rocks and watches, bracelets bling
Keepin it goin nigga til the break of dane
Can't compare so you just complain
Mad as a bitch what, grabbin ya bitch
Get OJ and start slappin ya bitch
I'm AC here's a cap for ya bitch
While me and my nigga sit there and laugh at ya bitch
AC gotta stay mayne, neva eva let em see you sweat that's the rule mayne
Hit it til we through mayne, send her back to you mayne
That's what we do mayne, bubble gum chew mayne
Other than that catch me gettin some bread
When you see my billboards i'll be (i'll be)


Check it cuz i love that hood fashion, got a couple of sips
And I'm off the rip ready for action nigga fuck who you wit
Cuz i be the bitch and it ain't no askin why they all on my tip
Cuz i get them benjamins and Jacksons and they all in my grip
Tell me who you know could spit that ill flow and make niggas sick
Betta tell that stupid bitch to chill ho it ain't on that shit
See the fitted cap i keep it real raw stay on my lid
Now he wanna ask me how it feel cuz he say I'm that bitch
Let me slow it down and make a move wit it do, now what it do wit it
Now that i got me some, gone let my crew hit it
We smokin bubble gum, chunky and blueberry
And berry get it crunk, we make it juke mannie
And then givin head, shawty you too scary
Got my bitches in the 'lac, I'm in that new caddy
I'ts time to get it poppin, shawty is you ready?
I put that pussy on his face but it was too heavy
Cuz i was...


[Too Short:]
She looked me up and down said you look like a pimp
I knew she been around i said do it like Corrine
She tried to be sexy I asked her can you stop
I want the real deal, I don't want a handjob
I know you betta tell em who pimped you first
As soon as I'm finished let me quench yo thirst
Nothin but the best I know I'ma get
When you use tow hands and a whole lotta spit
Bitch, you got me hard as a rock
I ran my fingers through your hair when you started to stop
This ain't amateur night and its not the Apollo
Come real wit the skills and you gots ta swallow
My phone kept rangin but this ain't the end
I was squeezin my toes and I can't press in
I need to cum so I can go but if I'm late again, they know me
I ain't gotta say where I been

[Weezy:] Shawnna...wat up..I like what you doin shawty

I'm my bed mindin my business bout five in the mornin
Gettin head a wonderful feelin im high and im zonin
From this fire i was smokin and im chokin on that fruity wile this lil cutie's chokin on me
Right down to the tonsils them glands had to be swollen
They call me the head honcho and man i keep it goin
You think it was in slow motion and i beat em like they stole it specially rollin off a little ecstasy
I'm a hurricane sippa (sippa)
Make em see stars when they call me the big dippa (dippa)
Spit a few bars grab my tools and i drill her (drill her)
Jump in my car and I'm countin up my scrilla (scrilla)
I'ma giggolo giggolo
Ya man might be aiight but Ludacris is a killa though
So gone and ask around you can see what its hittin fo
Makin ya girl bed, me and my third leg
If I'm talkin on the phone i forgot what you said cuz i was


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